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Digital Photography and Multimedia Productions
Spirit Rocks Photoshow - Multimedia slide show of Spirit Rocks in Soledad Canyon, southern extension of the Vasquez Rocks formation near Aqua Dulce
PowerPoint Viewer 97 for PowerPoint 97, 2000, and 2002 Users - Free viewer to enable systems that do not have PowerPoint to view PowerPoint slideshows

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R&D Design - Corona, CA. Stereolithography, Design, Vacuum Molding. Good people... know what they're doing, and do it right!

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Other stuff from me - Website dedicated to beloved friends that have crossed over
My Dog Gallery - Just Dawgs
Socal Bike Racing in the 1970's - Minibike, Motocross, and Speedway racing stuff from the 1970's

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Porter Mike's Photography and Micro Brew Review - a work in process

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