Content Area Literacy Strategies

Teacher descriptions, contact information, and reflections are posted on this website. These teachers would like to hear from you if you have questions or wish to share your response to their ideas. An article by Dr. Linda Clinard, UCI Department of Education, summarizes many of the strategies listed on this web site (LITERACY STRATEGIES IMPROVE CONTENT AREA LEARNING, 63rd Yearbook of the Claremont Reading Conference,1999)

Strategies are suggested in 4 categories:
I.                   Attitudes, Interests, and Prior Knowledge
II.                 Comprehension
III.              Word Meaning
IV.             Writing

I. Attitudes, Interests and Prior Knowledge:

A.     Anticipation Guide ( Jennifer Moore, English)
B.     K-W-L Chart (Martin Chinn, English)
C.     People Search (Candy Peleaux, Social Science)
D.     Content Reading Inventory (Kathy Wanchek, Social Science)

II. Comprehension:

A.     Graphic Organizer (Jennifer Moore, English)
B.     K-W-L Chart (Martin Chinn, English)|
C.     Sunflower graphic organizer (Marjie Toops, Spanish)
D.     Venn Diagrams for text interaction (Mary Carol Stearns, English)
E.      Listening Lesson (JoAnn Byars, Math)

III. Word Meaning:

A.     Deceptive Definitions (Lauri Resnikoff, French)
B.     Magic Square Vocabulary (Lois Hoshijo,  Math)
C.     Word Sort (Tinh Tran, Science-Chemistry)
D.     Story Impressions (Kathy Wanchek, English)
E.      Knowledge Rating Scale (Keri Kemble, English)
F.      Knowledge Rating Scale (Ingrid Chlup, Science)
G.     Vocabulary Math Competition (Ryan Dahlem, Math)

IV. Writing:

A.     Pre-writing and Editing Strategies (Christine King, English)
B.     Clustering activity (Michelle Natan, Spanish)
C.     Showing, Not Telling (April Moore, English)
D.   Story Impressions (Kathy Wanchek, Language Arts)