Attendance and Punctuality

Important Notice to Parents

Students will receive a printed progress report after every chapter’s exam, about one per week. Progress reports require a parent’s signature and must be returned on the following class day. Please be sure that you receive and sign these reports!

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Students entering the classroom after the tardy bell disrupt the learning activity of the entire class.. If you are inadvertently tardy, do not enter the classroom without a tardy slip from the office. Any student who arrives tardy will be required to complete a contemplative essay concerning their tardiness problem before that student will be permitted to join the class.

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Students who are absent are responsible for work missed. Students will be given an examination schedule for the entire semester. Homework for each chapter is due on the examination date. If a student an activity or examination, the student may request a make-up examination if the request is made within a week of the missed test. If a student chooses to miss an examination, that student is still responsible for handing in the corresponding homework assignment. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of assignments. The teacher does not issue reminders. Fifteen (15) absences will result in automatic failure.

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If a student does not meet the proficiency standard on the initial exam, they may take as many retests as needed while the class is studying the next two chapters in order to meet the standard.

Before each retest, the student must complete all problems at the end of the appropriate chapter, odd and even, to demonstrate that you have prepared for the retest. The problems must be hand-written. The problems must be submitted before each subsequent retest.

Makeup tests are available on the class days before and after the regular exam days in either Mr. Lyle’s room or Mr. Downs’ room at lunch. Assistance is available at lunch every day.

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