Integrated QUESTIONS

Skateboarder in pool (on frictionless plANET 'NODRAG')

A skateboarder drops into an empty swimming pool from the deck. He is 5' 10" tal when standing on his board. He rides the board down to the bottom of the pool and up the other side. As he reaches the top of the other side he crests the lip and goes back down into the pool.

The next day at school he braggs to his friend that he jumped 6' over the deck on one of his stunts.

Consider the following questions:

1. Is he telling the truth? Why?

2. How high is the most he could possibly jump? Why?

3. How fast is he going at the bottom of the 3 meter deep pool?

3. How could he increase how high he can jump?

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Freestyle mx jumper (on frictionless plANET 'NODRAG')

A freestyle MX rider is doing jumps in a stadium. In the distance provided to accelerate up to the jump he is able to reach 110 km/hr (72 mph). While doing a can-can stunt, at the peak of his jump, his vertical speed is 0 and his forward speed is just 10 km/hr. His mass is 80 kg and his bikes is 120 kg.

Consider the following questions:

1. How high was he while doing the Can-Can jump?

2. If he could get up to 1




Shuttle Astronaut and the Satellite

A shuttle astronaut is in the cargo bay preparing to repair a satellite. The satellite is quite massive and the shuttle and the satellite are in the same orbit. The shuttle has maneuvered itself right next to the satellite and has synchronized its orbital velocity with that of the satellite.

Consider the following questions, answer the ones you can. When there is not enough information state that.

1. What is the satellite's momentum? What is the satellite's kinetic energy?

 with respect to the earth? with respect to the astronaut/shuttle?

2. What happens when the astronaut grabs the satellite with his hands?

3. How much work does it take the astronaut to position the satellite in its docking position near the bracket in the cargo bay when its is 2 meters to its side? 2 meters closer to the earth below the bracket ( note the shuttle orbits upside down with the cargo bay opening to the earth

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Muscle car

Gearhead Gary has a 1968 Goat (GTO) with a 396 big block. He says it produces a maximums of 450 horsepower at 6,750 RPM  and has 500 lb-ft of torque at 3,500 rpm. It also has a curb weight of 4,200 pounds with a half tank of gas and him in the driver's seat.

He claims he can do a quarter-mile drag race in 11 seconds flat. He also said he once had it going over 150 miles per hour on a 5 mile long flat road out in the desert.

Consider the following questions

1.He starts the car up and revs it up, first to 3,500 rpm, and then to 7,750 rpm with the transmission in neutral. How much horsepower is the car making? how much torque?

2. You have run your Nitrous equipped Honda at the drag strip and were clocked doing the quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds. He wants to drag race you for pink slips, winner-take-all. Should you do it?

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snowboarder in half-pipe (on frictionless plANET 'NODRAG')

A snowboarder drops into a half-pipe from position (A). He crosses the half-pipe and attempts to do a 360 as he crests the lip at position (B), 10 meters lower in elevation. It takes him .5 seconds to complete the spin part of his 360. His mass with his equipment is 100 kg.

Consider the following questions:

1. What is his potential energy before he drops in?

2. How much air does he get? does it make a diference if he spreads out with his hands above his head

2. Does he make the complete 360 in the air?

Instead of crossing the pipe to the other side  he goes straight down it to the bottom without turning.

3. When he plows into the people in the lift line (C) at the bottom of the hill, 150 meters lower in vertical elevation, what is the maximum speed he could be going? kinetic energy?

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An downhill speed skier plummets down a mountain in the Andes. The vertical elevation of the mountain is 4,000 meters above sea level. The slope flattens out at an elevation of 3,000 meters. His mass with skis is 120 kg.

The world record for speed skiing is 250 km/hr (154 mph).

Consider the following questions:

1. Can he break the record?

2. What is the fastest he could be going when the slope flattens out?

3. How high would the slope have to be for him to have a chance at the record?

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Skateboarder, bmx rider, and a inline skater in a pool (on frictionless planet 'NODRAG')

An in-line skater, a skate-boarder and a BMX bicycle rider are doing stunts in an empty swimming pool.

They have hung a ribbon above the edge of the opposite side of the pool. If standing on the pool deck right next to where it the ribbon is hung it is just out of reach to all three of them.

They now take turns dropping into the pool from the deck and trying to grab the ribbon with one hand. The BMXer pedals on the way down and the blader skates while the skate-boarder just rides.

Consider the following questions:

1. Can any one of them actually grab the ribbon? all of them? none of them? Why?

2. Who has the best chance of actually grabbing the ribbon? Why?

3. Who has 2nd best chance? the worst chance? Why?

4. You now find out that the skateboard has a heavy lead ballast attached to it, making its mass 50 kg. Does that change anything? Why?


Street Luge

(no friction on planet Nodrag)

 A downhill street luge racer starts from a position that is 150 meters higher in elevation than where you are standing next to the course.

Just at the moment he passes by your position he loses control and tumbles down the road, finally hitting the hay bales 25 meters down the track.

Consider the following questions:

1. What would be worse, his crash, or stepping out of a car on the freeway at 80 Km/hr.

2. How fast was he going when he lost control

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