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First Day Demos
Things are not What They Seem
A Set of First Day Demos
Vectors and Forces
Vector Board
Projection Force Table
Hanging Pulley
Sailing Closehauled
Vector Addition Parallelogram
Motion Concepts - Air Track
Acceleration Down an Inclined Plane
Motion Concepts - Sonic Ranger
First Law, Inertia
Jerk the Table Cloth
Flick the Card
Inertia Ball
Hoop and Flask
Bed of Nails
Partial Pie Plate
Second Law
Air Track Demos
Third Law
Paradox of Forces
Sail and Prop
Momentum and Collisions
A Set of Momentum and Collision Demos
Collision Balls
Air Track Collisions
Reaction Carts
Exploding Basketballs
Air Table Collisions
Two Balls Hanging
Ballistic Pendulum
Impulse Force Apparatus
Coefficient of Restitution
Reverse Rocket
Weight of an Hour Glass
Crash Test Dummies Video
Happy and Unhappy Impact
Friction Blocks
Terminal Velocity
Blackboard Mechanics
Biceps Muscle
Strut and Tie Set
Leaning Ladder
Gravitational Acceleration
Measurements of g
Acceleration down an Inclined Plane
Horizontal and Vertical Bell Drop
Three Balls Falling
Cavendish Balance
Guinea and Feather Tube
Local Inertial Frame
Falling Chimney
Drop Two Balls
Ballistics Pendulum
Range of a Gun
Horizontal and Vertical Ball Drop
Monkey and Hunter
Water Stream Ballistics
Galilean Relativity
Galilean Pendulum, Track
Loop the Loop
Faith in Physics Pendulum
Perpetual Motion Top
Measurement of Horsepower
Uniform Circular Motion
Simple Accelerometer
Centrifugal Force
Swing a Bucket
Coriolis Force
Principle of a Foucalt Pendulum
Rotational Inertia
Rolling Obects
Loop the Loop
Rotational Acceleration
Torsion Pendulum
Turntable and Weights
Torque Illustrations
Falling Chimney
Tricks with a Meter Stick
Angular Momentum
Turntable and Weights
Turntable and Bicycle Wheel
Gyroscopes and Tops
Center of Mass Demostrations
A set of CM Demos
Tiltable Prism
Tilted Wine Bottle
Stacking Blocks


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