You may write just about anything you want as long as you use words and sentences rather than formulas and/or mathematical symbols. You may include definitions, concepts, rules, examples, diagrams and units.  The only restrictions will be the following:

·        No symbolic formulas or mathematical symbols (such as =,+,-,/,x)

You may not write:

‘F=ma’ or ‘Force = Mass x Acceleration’

But you may write:

Force equals mass times acceleration’ or ‘the product of mass and acceleration is Force’

·        You may not write exact, word for word, copies of the take-home problems, their number, or their numeric solutions (But you may include solutions in state in general terms )

Example: For the question from chapter 8 about force required to push 100kg 8m up a ramp 2m high

You may not write

‘F=2m(100kg)(10)/8 = 1000/4=250 N’

But you may write:

Force to push an object up a ramp is equal to the weight times the height divided by the length of the ramp’


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