Firepit Design Exercise


Master use of the  ARRAY command to facilitate design tasks using AutoCAD.


Many design tasks require that some form of repetitive pattern of features be created. The array command allows users to rapidly copy objects in either rectangular or polar patterns. Tools such as ARRAY and MIRROR make designing objects with symmetry much easier. It is important when drawing, modeling, or designing anything to make note of any symmetry in the object before you start in order to create it in the most efficient manner possible.

I had to do this design task with my dad when I was about 10 years old. I still have some of the extra bricks (we bought way too many). All we had then was a slide rule...


In mechanical design polar patterns are common in objects that rotate such as gears, wheels, fans, pipe flanges.etc. The application of rectangular patterns are just as numerous in all forms of designs.


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Open the drawing file

You will see a representation of a concrete patio with a 37" diameter hole in it. The hole is for a fire/BBQ pit with a 36" diameter grill in its center. The grill is mounted on a threaded shaft that allows it to be raised and lowered by spinning it.

To complete the installation we need to border the pit with bricks.



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