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Student performance will be graded on examinations, homework, activities, and in-class participation/courtesy.

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Handouts, Homework and Activity Reports

Handouts and homework for each chapter will be turned in on the day of the chapterís examination. It is the studentís responsibility to keep and organize this material until it is turned in. Late homework will be graded lower unless accompanied by a letter from a guardian giving a satisfactory explanation. Activity Reports are due two days after the activity is completed. Homework/Activity Reports more than 1 week late cannot be turned in or made up!

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Web Based Assignments

New to this year are assignments to be completed on the Internet. The advantage of doing assignments this way is that the student gets instant feedback on the correctness of the submitted answers; The problems presented will be virtually identical to the problems presented in the textbook. Web assignments may be done on any web browser, at home, school, or library.

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Classroom Behavior

Students in high school are expected to behave in a responsible manner. Students are not to act in any manner that interferes with their learning or the learning of others. Students will arrive in class prepared to work. Students are to follow teacher instructions promptly. Observance of classroom rules is a major part of the Participation/Courtesy grade.

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Classroom Rules

The following rules will be observed

1. Students will speak only when called on, or when talking is specifically authorized by the teacher.

2. Students will pay attention to the learning activity. They will respond promptly when called upon and will listen respectfully when other students are called upon.

3. At the tardy bell, students will be in their seats and will have book, paper, and pencil on their desk.

4. Class ends when the teacher dismisses the class.

5. Students are not to leave their assigned seats without the permission of the teacher.

6. Students are expected to take care of toileting before or after class. Bathroom passes are not issued.

7. Students will leave the classroom as clean as or cleaner than they found it.

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Prohibited Activities:

Activities specifically prohibited include, but are not limited to:

1. Bringing items not relating to the class (e.g. stereos, makeup, games, toys, magazines, etc.) into the classroom. Such items will be confiscated.

2. Talking without specific permission from the teacher.

3. Throwing any object (including the throwing of trash toward trash cans).

4. The making of noises, gestures, or any other disruptive activity.

5. Arguing with teacher instructions. If you wish to discuss any issue with the teacher, do it after class.

6. Resting heads on desktops, backpacks, etc..

7. Grooming activities (combing hair, applying makeup, etc.).

8. Eating, drinking, gum chewing, candy, etc.

9. Touching any object or equipment in the room or laboratory that does not belong to the student.

Noncompliance with the above rules and prohibitions consumes valuable instructional time and will be deemed to be a classroom disruption.

Academic Dishonesty

Students are expected to do original work. In the case of activities, students may share data but they will still produce their own reports. Students are encouraged to assist each other with homework, but this does not include giving assignments to another student for copying. Never give your homework to another student! At a minimum students found cheating or permitting others to cheat will be given a grade of zero.

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Students who are absent are responsible for work missed. Students will be given an examination schedule for the entire semester. Homework for each chapter is due on the examination date. If a student an activity or examination, the student may request a make-up examination if the request is made within a week of the missed test. If a student chooses to miss an examination, that student is still responsible for handing in the corresponding homework assignment. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of assignments. The teacher does not issue reminders. Fifteen (15) absences will result in automatic failure.

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Scoring is done through a standards-based system. Students must show effort in studying the material and proficiency in the material

Effort is shown by the homework submitted and verbal responses to Review Day questions. The homework need not be completely correct, but the student must show an honest attempt to answer each question. On Review Day the student must give correct answers and demonstrate understanding of the principles behind the answers

Proficiency is shown by attaining a minimum score on the chapterís examination.

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If a student does not meet the proficiency standard on the initial exam, they may take as many retests as needed while the class is studying the next two chapters in order to meet the standard.

Before each retest, the student must complete all problems at the end of the appropriate chapter, odd and even, to demonstrate that you have prepared for the retest. The problems must be hand-written. The problems must be submitted before each subsequent retest.

Makeup tests are available on the class days before and after the regular exam days in either Mr. Lyleís room or Mr. Downsí room at lunch. Assistance is available at lunch every day.

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Grading is based upon class participation, homework, review questions, activities, and examinations.

Examinations are the basic grade

Activities are worth a complete examination grade

Complete homework is worth 1/2 of an examination grade

Correctly answered and explained review questions are worth ľ of an examination grade

Late homework will receive half-credit. Incomplete homework will receive no credit and will not be returned.

The progress report/report card grade will be calculated based upon the percentage of standards completed.


percentage equivalent letter grade
90-100%  A
80-89.9% B
70-79.9% C
60-69.9%  D
<60% F

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Student Progress Reports

Progress reports will be issued on the day after each exam. These reports are to be taken home and

signed by parents the day they are received. They will be checked in class the next school day.

Successful return of a signed progress report is part of the studentís homework grade.

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