Student Physics Journal


You will be required to write journal entries to summarize the main concepts, as you understand them, from the homework, video, lecture, and demonstrations. You may write just about anything you want as long as you use words and sentences rather than formulas and/or mathematical symbols. You may include definitions, concepts, rules, examples, diagrams and units.  The only restrictions will be the following:

        No symbolic formulas or mathematical symbols (such as =,+,-,/,x)

        You may not write exact, word for word, copies of the take-home problems, their number, or their numeric solutions (But you may include solutions in state in general terms )


        On the first two class days of each chapter following the test day of the previous chapter.

        Three (3) minutes before the of your class period you will be given two (2) minutes to write your journal entries.


        The primary objective is to improve your test performance and increase your level of understanding of the subject matter we cover. This time will provide you with an opportunity to summarize the dayís lesson when it is still fresh in your mind.

        All of us find things that we just canít keep straight in our heads (such as which way the earth rotates) that may trip us up on a test even though we really do understand the main concept being considered.

        Your will be allowed to use these notes as a reference while taking your in-class test (but not for make-ups)

        These journals will be used to monitor your progress and understanding of the lessons and to help us use classroom time more effectively

        These journals will be included as part of your homework and classroom participation grade.


No journal pages will be accepted after the class has been dismissed.

for more details  - Journal Activity (PDF)


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