UNIT II Chapters 17-20 MATTER



chapter 20 Molecular model for an ideal gas (PV=NkT)

chapter 18 Spring Force and Simple Harmonic Motion

chapter 19 Buoyant Force

Created by Taiwanese physicist Fu-Kwun Hwang, these Java applets explain a multitude of physical principles. Topics include:

chapter 17 Interaction of Radiation with an Atom

chapter 18 Oscillating 3-D Crystal

chapter 18 The Spring Pendulum

This set of 23 educational physics applets was written by Sergey and Tanya Kiselev. Topics include:

chapter 19 Thermodynamic Equilibrium

chapter 19 Ideal Gas Law

chapter 19 Balloon

chapter 17, 19 Bohr's Atom

Part of the Physics2000 site, this applet demonstrates the Bohr model of the atom.

The Ideal Atmosphere

This is an interesting simulation of Earth's atmosphere. Note how the pressure is greatest at sea level.

A large set of physics and astronomy applets are available from this University of Oregon site. Topics include:


Explore Science

Written by Raman Pfaff, this award-winning site features a great collection of Shockwave simulations, including:

Density Lab

Floating Log

Force on a Wing

Bragg's Law and Diffraction

See how factors such as wavelength, distance, and angle affect the diffraction of an X ray through a crystal in this Java applet by Konstantin Lukin.

Venturi Tube Simulation

This applet illustrates the fluid dynamics of a Venturi tube. You can use this simulation to verify Bernoulli's principle.


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