Materials, Books, Fees, Personal Property


The textbook is “Conceptual Physics”. Textbooks are checked out by the library. Cover your book with an easily identifiable cover, so that you can keep track of your own book. If your book is lost or stolen, or you attempt to turn in another student’s book, you will be charged $50.00. It’s not a good idea to lend your book to others, since if the lent book is lost you are still liable for the $50.00!


A $20 Supplemental Program Contribution is requested for this class. This contribution will be used to

purchase, replace or repair physics equipment, and to purchase consumable materials for use by the class.

There will also be a hands-on competitive project each semester. The cost per student will not exceed

$5.00 per project.


You should bring the following to class every day:

1. At least two pens (black or blue ink)

2. At least two pencils (#2 or mechanical)

3. Lined Paper. Spiral-bound notebook paper is not acceptable for assignments

4. Your own assigned textbook. (Unless a class set is available)

5. Calculator (a simple scientific calculator is fine)

NOTE: Other materials may be required later in the semester.


Loss and theft of valuables are common in schools. The school and teacher are not responsible for any valuables brought to school by students, including those that have been confiscated. If you can’t afford to lose an item, leave it at home.

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