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The Cyber Sports Tour
Physics of Sports  -A complete course on the physics of sports

Tennesee Football Physics
Univ of Nebraska - Football Physics
Lance Armstrong makes the Tour climbs look easy. Ever wonder how he does it

mechanics - check all of these out

HyperPhysics Concepts
You Can't Break Newton's Laws
Physics 111

chapter 7 - momentum

Physics Zone Forces, accelerations, and car accidents

chapter 8 - energy

Lance Armstrong makes the Tour climbs look easy. Ever wonder how he does it

chapter 9 - circular motion

Circular motion - en español circular Motion, Introduction, Radius Vector

physicsclassroom circular motion

***GOOD - Concord Univ - Circular Motion

Hyperphysics - rotation & circular motion

centripetal force

Hyperphysics-rotational equations


Physics of Dance

Figure skating physics

Figure skating physics

kinematics lab
chapter 10
chapter 11
chapter 12
other physics

engineering Toolbox
Frank Potter s Science Gems
Space & Time
Contemporary College Physics Simulation Library
MyPhysicsLab - Physics Simulations

Relative Motion
Description of Motion
Relative Motion
Boat in Current
Airplane in Wind
Applications of Velocity and Acceleration
Description of Motion
Constant Acceleration Motion
Physics & Science
CompletePlanet - Directory Physics
Galileo Makes a Run For It Science Space Lesson Plan
Space & Time
Physics Web Resources
engineering Toolbox
Frank Potter s Science Gems
Physics Zone Forces, accelerations, and car accidents
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You Can't Break Newton's Laws

Physics 111 content


sim rot-torque -




Video –


NETWON’s 2nd LAW for ROT



Complete online course

circ motion -

rot dyn


Harvard -


1-D kinematics, friction

Stopping distance of a car (click on "Stopping Distance of a Car")

2-D kinematics

Velocity and acceleration in 2D

Projectile motion

Torque and rotation

Rotational equilibrium (Click on "Rotational Equilibrium")

Translational and rotational motion in a wheel: (similar to bowling ball problem)

Universal gravitation

Elliptical orbits (Click on "Universal Gravitation") 

Simple harmonic motion


Energy in a mass-spring system:

Work and Energy

Energy of a block on an inclined plane:


Elastic and inelastic collisions:

 Centripetal force

Centripetal force in a carousel:

Other simulations

Java Applets on Physics, Walter Fendt

Physics Java Applets, C. K. Ng

Physics Education Technology Project, (PhET) University of Colorado, Boulder

Simulation Library, Wiley

Interactive Physics Simulations, John A. Mallinckrodt, Cal Poly Pomona

General Physics Java Applets,  B. Surendranath Reddy

Virtual Physics Laboratory, Fu-Kwun Hwang

The Science and Math Section, Worsley School Online

Math resources

The Integrator (by the makers of Mathematica)

Java Applets on Mathematics, Walter Fendt

Outstanding resources:other documents
Multimedia books Particle Adventure, I the Electron Nine Planets MacTutor Mathematica courses Theoretical Physics Fun
Nobel e-Museum MicroWorlds Mega-Mathematics Calculus with applications Views of the Solar System Mathmania
Science Ed. Gateway Textbook PFP 96 Black holes Beginners Guide to HEP Exploring Gravity Amazing Space
Interactive Phys. problem set Explorations Solitons Physical Chemistry Hawking's Universe Einstein online
Prendi le Stelle Britney's guide to semiconductors HyperPhysics IPPEX Interactive Physics Fizzics Fizzle!
Interactive applications Interactive Geometry Online Experiments Earth view
Animations quantum mechanics Quantum air-track
Chaos,fractals and dynamics Spanky IFS Lecture notes Strange Attractor Search Turbulent landscapes
Questions and Answers Sci FAQs Physics FAQ Ask the Experts! Last Word
Class Demonstrations Brown
Reference WebElements Nuclides Standard Model The Amateur Scientist Eric Weisstein
PDG The Why Files Bad Science How things work MathLand
The library Scientific American Am.Jou. of Physics Am. Scientist Computers in Physics Discover AIP Physics news
Cern Courier IOP Electronics Journals Nature New Scientist La Recherche tuttoscienze
Galileo Tech. Review Discovery online MIT theses Chemistry Classic Papers
Trailblazer pages PhysNet Yahoo Edulinks Math Archives Physics around the world NetScout
BUBL: Phys. education Internet scuola PhysEd World Lecture Hall Pilot to Physics Web66
MAD Scientist WWW als Lernhilfe Education World Hot Spots Science Gems Webscuola
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