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Exploratorium: Ten Cool Sites: Physics

Physics Central - "We invite you to visit our site every week to find out how physics is part of your world. We'll answer your questions on how things work and keep you informed with daily updates on physics in the news. We'll describe the latest research and the people who are doing it and, if you want more, where to go on the Web." Brought to you by the American Physical Society.
Cool Site: September/October 2004

The Particle Adventure - Find answers to the eternal, fundamental questions of physics: "What is the world made of?" and "What holds it together?" The information on this site is clearly presented and well organized, with fabulous resources for teachers, including student activity sheets and links to particle physics education sites. (This site uses Flash and Shockwave.)
Cool Site: March/April 2004

Animated Engines - These pages are an attempt to share the magic of mechanical engines through animated examples.
Cool Site: January/February 2004

How Things Fly - Learn about airplanes, gliders, rockets and more through fun interactive animations. This site is by NASA.
Cool Site: August/September 2003

Cosmic Evolution: From Big Bang to Humankind - This site traces the cosmic origin and evolution of matter and energy from the Big Bang to 12 billion years later. You'll learn from movies, diagrams, animations and educational activities. From Tufts University, Wright Center for Science Education, and the Foundation for the Future. You'll need the free QuickTime Player and RealPlayer for the movies.
Cool Site: April/May 2003 - Lab experiments, simple animations that explain physical science concepts, and more.
Cool Site: October/November 2002

Paper Airplane - The author of this site holds the Guinness world record for time aloft for paper airplanes. This site is a good resource for paper airplane aerodynamics, paper airplane history, and instructions for building super paper airplanes!
Cool Site: December 2001

Fear of Physics - This site will erase any fear of physics you may have by showing you just how much fun it can be! You will be entertained and educated by the animations and interactive games.
Cool Site: October 2001

Antimatter: Mirror of the Universe - At this site you can "discover what antimatter is, where it is made, and how it is already part of our lives." Also, be sure to check out our new site about CERN, home of the world's largest particle accelerator, at
Cool Site: November 2000

Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics - This terrific site explains aerodynamics to beginners through interactive animations, equations, images, and text.
Cool Site: November 2000

Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at the Brookhaven National Laboratory - Find out what happens when an ion is smashed! At this site, you can take a virtual tour of the Brookhaven National Laboratory's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider. Learn about particle physics and the cutting-edge research being done in the field, watch an animation of a collision, and learn about the construction of the collider.
Cool Site: August 2000

Virtual Physics Laboratory - This site offers a nifty collection of interactive physics activities.
Cool Site: July 1999

Life, the Universe, and the Electron - Do you know what an electron is? Or how electrons can be used to see on a microscopic level? This well-designed site is a celebration of the centenary of the discovery of the electron.
Cool Site: June 1999

Aerodynamics in Sports Technology - Want to know how topspin works to curve a tennis shot? This resource offers college level investigations into the complex aerodynamics of tennis, plus excellent lesson plans and curriculum resources.
Cool Site: June 1999

Emilio Segre Visual Archive - This searchable collection "focuses on American physicists and astronomers of the twentieth century, but includes many scientists in Europe and elsewhere, in other fields related to physics, and in earlier times." Also included are biographical features on scientists such as Marie Curie, Enrico Fermi, and Niels Bohr.
Cool Site: May 1999

Amusement Park Physics - Learn about the physical principles behind daredevil rides such as the roller coaster and the free-fall. This site combines an introduction to the basic physics of the rides with some historical notes on the rides themselves.
Cool Site: March 1999

Stanford Linear Accelerator - Have you ever wondered what a linear accelerator really does? This cleanly organized site offers clear explanations of an advanced area of physics.
Cool Site: December 1998

Physicists on the Money - Throughout history, many physicists have been honored by having their pictures printed on money. This site presents images of the currency, which can be surprisingly beautiful, along with links to biographical information about the scientists.
Cool Site: August 1998

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere - Did you know that the earth is a huge magnet, one whose magnetic influence extends far into space? Learn how the earth produces this field, and how the field is affected by "magnetic storms" from space! An information-packed site, which may take some time to explore completely.
Cool Site: May 1998

The ABCs of Nuclear Science - A soup-to-nuts site exploring the atom, with a detailed glossary and many activities and high-school level experiments. This site requires frames and, due to its horizontal layout, may be hard to view on small monitors.
Cool Site: May 1998

Physics 2000 - This site teaches many basic concepts in physics through interactive Java apps and colorful graphics. The site is a bit heavy graphically and navigation is somewhat confusing, however the interactive activities themselves are well-constructed and fun.
Cool Site: November 1997

Explore Science - This site is one of the best we've come across for explaining scientific concepts. Simple Shockwave demos help explain mechanics, life sciences, waves, and more. You'll need the Shockwave Player to view the site.
Cool Site: October 1997

The Internet Plasma Physics Education eXpereince (IPPEX) - Designed for middle school and high school students, this site provides an excellent introduction to plasma physics.
Cool Site: September 1997

The Internet Pilot to Physics - This site provides links to other physics-related sites, a calendar, and a "Physics Forum." However, it is the "Virtual Laboratory" with Java Applets, VRML, and ShockWave demonstrations and applications that makes this site "cool."
Cool Site: June 1997

The Particle Adventure - What is the world made of? What holds it together? The Particle Adventure tries to answer these questions and more. A great introduction to particle physics.
Cool Site: October 1996

The Perpetual Motion Page - Plans and explanations for four perpetual-motion machines are on this page. The page includes an important disclaimer.
Cool Site: August 1996

HotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research - With areas of the web site dedicated to "Launching Stuff with Liquid Nitrogen," "Dry Ice bombs and Surgical Tubing Slingshots," and "The Periodic Table of the Presidents," how can you go wrong? The only disappointment was that the "Spamcam" was working. (Warning: Some of the experiments on this page can be dangerous.)
Cool Site: August 1996

Physics Unbound - An interesting collection of resources. There is information here on classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quatum mechanics, and more.
Cool Site: June 1996

Physics Lecture Demonstrations - If you are interested in physics, this site is a must! From astronomy to magnetism to waves, this site covers it all.
Cool Site: August 1995








Physics animations and java applets: Colors, Electricity, General, Mechanics, Micellaneous, Optics, Physics experiments, Sound, Waves
Physics animations and java applets 
Animations of physical processes animated physics experiments and visualizations on waves, mechanics, optics, thermodynamics
Basic physics and optics
Cabri en physique en Français, a tip
Cabri java applets en Français, a tip
Dos physics simulations DOS applications to be downloaded, refraction at plane surface, lenses and mirror, interference simulation, particle motion in magnetic fields, Boltzmann engine, ...
Engineering education fluid dynamics, ideal flow machine, virtual shock tube, compressible aerodynamics calculator, converging diverging nozzle simulator, thermodynamics of air, boundary layer applets + convection, heat conduction applets, vortex panel method, Mohr's circle applet, beam analysis, resultant of vectors, dynamics, motion on curved paths, projectile motion
Exploratorium science
Exploratorium science snacks miniature science exhibits, teachers could make using , inexpensive, available materials.
Figures animées pour la physique en Français, a tip
Fun learning physics projectile motion, damped harmonic oscillator, elastic collisions, coupled oscillations, coriolis and centrifugal forces, Kepler problem, simple plane pendulum, chaos in the driven pendulum, motion in an electromagnetic field, Henon Heiles system
Fun science gallery fun, simple, low cost science experiments for amateur scientists
Fysica vandaag mechanica, elektriciteit, periodieke bewegingen, in Dutch, een tip
General physics java applets mathematics, kinematics, wave motion, electric field, magnetic field, oscillations, optics
Geometry center java applets, mathematics, physics, rainbow, integrator, software-java download
Interactive physics
Interactive physics and math a set of more than 20 scientifically accurate, easily understandable, user friendly educational applets, photon, atom, pendulum, lens, mirror, reflection, diffraction
Interactive physics modules matter, electricity and magnetism, energy, fusion : shockwave programs
Interactive programs shockwave programs: color creator, absorption, leds, incandescence, laser, flurescence, phosphorrescence, quantum tunneling, wave function
Interessante fysica-applets in Dutch, een tip category: science - engineering category: physics
Java applets for high school physics education
Java applets: interactive library
Java applets on physics you can download here 39 applets mechanics, motion with constant acceleration, hydrostatic pressure in liquids, oscillations and waves, resonance, reflection and refraction of waves, electrodynamics, generator, refraction of light, thermodynamics, theory of relativity, physics of atoms, nuclear physics
Laboratoire virtuel en Français
Math and physics applets
Mathematical calculators online basic calculator, scientific calculator, square root, circle, prime number quadratic equation, percent, probability calculator, savings calculator, trigonometry calculator, sine, cosine, tangent
Mr. Fizzix student oriented interactive site and a variety of visual presentations
Multimedia-physik mechanik, optik, elektrik, astro, elektro
Multimedia-physiks studio collection of GIF animations, motion, kinematics, Newton's Laws, vectors, projectiles, momentum, energy, circular motion, relativity, Einstein, electricity, waves, sound, light, interference, reflection, refraction, optics, roller coasters, Kepler, planetary motion
NCSU physics lab demonstration room
NTNU physics virtual physics laboratory, a tip
Physics2 electronic version of PHY2054
Physics 2000 makes learning fun, using interactive animations
Physics animations animated physics experiments and visualizations on physics with theoretical explanations. There are also physics forum, free samples and educational programs for download
Physics demo videos
Physics java applets mechanics java applets, light & waves java applets, electromagnetics java applets
Physics java simulations spring, pendulum, molecule, ...
Physics lecture demonstrations mechanics, waves, properties of heat and matter, electricity and magnetism, optics, astronomy and perception, audio visual materials
Physics applets
Physlets physlets, physics applets, are small flexible java applets designed for science education. You do not need to become a Java expert in order to use Physlets
Physlet für anfänger in German
Physique et simulations numériques circuits électriques, cristallographie, électronique, optique ondulatoire, optique géométrique, en Français, a tip
Physics applets thermodynamics, mechanics, energy, astrophysics
Physics resource packets project mechanics, modern physics, electricity & magnetism, waves, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, thermo / stat mech, electromagnetic theory, physical optics
Project Java physics, geology, and computer science
Ross Shep physics page
Sandlotscience optical Illusions, moire patterns, kits, impossible objects, ambiguous, games, interactive, puzzles, hands-on, real-time, distortions, ambiguous, impossible, art, artwork, graphics, cartoons, games, camouflage, logic, color, animation, science projects
Sciences physiques applications interactives pour les élèves et les profs de physique de lycée, physique, chimie, astronomie, informatique, toutes les applications proposées sont téléchargeables pour être utilisées hors connexion, en Français
Shareware simulations for lessons in physics, science and math
Vidéo en physique chimie en Français
Virtual lab interactive java applets for use in physics
Virtual physics laboratory reaction time measurements, traffic light system, relative motion, rolling and circular motion, one dimensional motion, projectile motion, angular momentum and area, simple harmonic motion, spring force, pendulum, center of gravity, Kepler motion, Pulley, Buoyant force, circulartion motion and centrifugal force, oscillation, Doppler effect, wave superposition, Fourier synthesis, transmission of waves (reflection and refraction), molecular model for an ideal gas (PV=NkT), Carnot heat engine, RC circuits, RLC circuit, charged particle motion in uniform E/M field, propagation of electromagnetic wave, oscilloscope, optics and light, Thin Lens / mirror, physics of rainbowvector addition, theorem of Pythagoras
Virtual physics simulations 
Zonaland educational and entertaining items pertaining to physics, to the mathematical sciences, and to mathematics in general, a tip

Physics general overview Cours interactif de physique en Français

Eric's treasure troves of science online encyclopedia of physics equations, theory, another URL:

ScienceWorld Extreme science ever wondered what the biggest, baddest, and the best are in the natural world? Cool world records in earth science and the creature world that you want to see, time, weather, space, geology, maps Galileo project a hypertext source of information on the life and work of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) and the science of his time

History of physics American institute of physics ,the center for history of physics at the American institute of physics has a mission to preserve and make known the history of modern physics and allied sciences including astronomy, geophysics, optics, and the like

How stuff works How things work Hyper physics electricity & magnetism, CD, photon, photoelectric effect, sound, thermodynamics, light & vision, physics and astronomy, quarks, a tip

 Introductory physics course one and two dimensional motion, force, work and energy, momentum and collisions, circular motion and the law of gravity, rotational equilibrium and dynamics, solids and fluids, vibrations and waves, electric fields and potentials, current and resistance, magnetism, wave properties of light, quantum physics, atomic physics, nuclear physics

 Laboratoire virtuel en Français Laboratoire virtuel 2 en Français L

earn physics today online course and exercises about the basics of physics, a tip Moderne natuurkunde uitgebreide website over verschillende actuele domeinen uit de natuurkunde, in Dutch

Modern physics relativity, Quantum theory of light, particle nature of matter, matter waves, one dimensional quantum mechanics, tunneling, 3 dimensional quantum mechanics, atoms with more than one electrons, statistical mechanics, molecules, solids, superconductivity, nuclear physics, nuclear reactions, particle physics Natuur en techniek in Dutch

Physics 1 Physics 2 electronic version of PHY2054, electrostatics, DC circuits, magnetism, light Physics 3 physics, light, sound, heat, electricity, x-rays, alpha, beta, gamma, force, motion, newton, gravity, momentum, inertia, speed, velocity, acceleration, pressure, boyle, charles, coulomb, magnetism, oersted, static, conduction, convection, radiation, reflection, refraction, convex, concave, radioactiviry, atoms, nuclei, protons, electrons, neutrons

Physics 4 Physics 5 Physique, chimie, physique appliquée en Français, a tip, a tip

General overview related subjects Physics: mechanics, Automotive
Adept scientific technical, scientific engineering topics, Classical mechanics advanced Newtonian mechanics, a tip
DesignInfo built for engineers, provides instant access to over 450,000 electrical, mechanical and optical components
Efunda engineering fundamentals
Engineering basics course material
Engineering education fluid dynamics, ideal flow machine, virtual shock tube, compressible aerodynamics calculator, converging diverging nozzle simulator, thermodynamics of air, boundary layer applets + convection, heat conduction applets, vortex panel method, Mohr's circle applet, beam analysis, resultant of vectors, dynamics, motion on curved paths, projectile motion
Engineer's edge this site is committed to sharing practical design and engineering resources that can be used towards the advancement and success of mechanical designers, engineers, quality and manufacturing professionals, conversions, drill sizes, Gauge chart, lumber charts, plastic molding, forging, extrusion
Mechanical online course, high level, mathematics course included, a tip
Mechanical engineering home page start page
Mechanical site your guide to mechanical engineering: covers everything!
Mechanics classical mechanics, centres of mass, moment of inertia, systems of particles, rigid body rotation, collisions, motion in a resisting medium, projectiles, impulsive forces, conservative forces, rocket motion, simple and damped oscillatory motion, forced oscillations, Lagrangian mechanics, Hamiltonian mechanics, special relativity, hydrostatics, vibrating systems, the catenary, the cycloid, Poiseuille’s law click on technical, part of you need macromedia flashplayer
Mechanics: topics 
Autocad tutorials, cad,  see also: autocad computer
Beginner's guide to aeronautics how do airplanes work? Why does a wing change shape on takeoff and landing? a tip, Propulsion index
Bridges bridges, tension, bending, torsion
Cam follower system cam follower system, a cam and follower system is system/mechanism that uses a cam and follower to create a specific motion.  The cam is in most cases merely a flat piece of metal that has had an unusual shape or profile machined onto it.  This cam is attached to a shaft which enable it to be turned by applying a turning action to the shaft
Coriolis force corrosion causes and solutions
Corrosion source how do metals corrode, what causes it, what can you do about it. Corrosion is often identified with atmospheric rusting of iron base alloys, but that is only a subclass (although important) of one of the many possible mechanisms of corrosive attack
Corrosion corrosion of metals in cooling and boiler water systems occurs in differing forms depending on the condition of the water, temperature, flow rate, types of corrosion, the causes and mechanisms involved, and methods used to inhibit corrosion
Corrosion consultancy
Coupling seminar general information on selecting and utilizing general purpose couplings
Fietsen de wetenschap van de fiets en het fietsen, in Dutch
Fysieke principes van het vliegen, gasturbine, APU installatie in Dutch
Gears and gear trains theory and application of gears in mechanical systems
Gear ratios about gear ratios and gear trains
How to make springs except for automatic machinery, coil springs have basically been made the same way for the last 300 years. But try to learn how to do it yourself and you'll find that no one has written up "how to do it" for anyone except mechanical engineers. How to make springs out of wire: a tutorial
Las techniek in Dutch
Lassen in Dutch
Mechanics: experiments
Metallic corrosion in fresh water
Metalworking - shareware CNC control program, 2/3 dimension drafting and CNC stepper motor control, plotting the characteristics of a permanent magnet DC motor, read quadrature encoders through the parallel port (requires bi-directional port)
Metallurgy FAQ introduction to the metallurgy of steels, glossary included
Rotational motion torque
Staal: plooien, lassen, snijden, verzinken, lasers, staalsoorten in Dutch
Steam locomotive walschaert valve gear animation
Strain gage technology terminal selection, bonding adhesive, soldering technique, leadwire treatment, bonding, strain gage, calibration, circuits, strain gage, Wheatstone Bridge, Digital Signal Processing
Torque and rotational motion
Ultrasonic metal welding free online and downloadable book
Vibration the simplest vibratory system can be described by a single mass connected to a spring (and possibly a dashpot). The mass is allowed to travel only along the spring elongation direction


Java applets and animations about mechanics  related subjects: Car animations, Physics: mechanics animations
Animated engines steam engine, stirling engine, gas engine, internal combustion, internal combustion engine, Otto cycle, model engineering, mechanical engineering, live steam, two stroke engine, jet propulsion, four stroke engine, Wankel radial engine, a tip
Java applets for engineering education
Laboratory experiments
Virtual mechanisms rotary/linear motions, Watt's linkage, Geneva wheel, double rocker, rack and pinion, hookless slide fastener, crank rocker, Peaucellier, drag link, Scotch Yoke, Tchebicheff's linkage, Scott Russell, Whitworth quick return
Animations about mechanics: miscellaneous topics 
Aerofoil simulator
Balken onderheving aan buiging in Dutch
Bielle-manivelle en Français
Blast furnace find out how the iron is extracted from the ore
Conduction de la chaleur en Français
Dynamic bridge resonance video
Equation de van der Walls en Français
Gas law isobaric process, isochoric process, isothermal process
Gas molecules simulation a simulation that demonstrates the kinetic theory of gases
Hydrostatic pressure in liquids the hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is measured with an U-tube manometer
Elementary fluid mechanics - interactive tools fluid in a manometer, hydrostatic pressure and force on a submerged plane, rotating U tube applet, free surface of a rotating fluid, flow through a venturi tube, force on a pipe bend, required power and trajectory of a water-jet, head loss along a pipe, inviscid channel flow applet, viscous channel flow applet, hydrofoil flow have a look at Laboratory experiments
Fluid flow to learn more about what kind of effects flows have on bodies placed in those flows, and the other way around
Hydrostatic pressure in liquids in this java simulation the hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is measured with an U-tube manometer
Katrollen in Dutch
Kelvin's tide predicting machine
Lever principle lever principle, this applet shows a symmetrical lever with some mass pieces each of which has a weight of 1.0 N
Motion of ideal gas molecules in a cylinder motion of ideal gas molecules in a cylinder
Motion with constant acceleration this Java applet shows a car moving with constant acceleration
Mouvement hélicoïdal en Français
Oscillateurs en Français
Oscillateurs en Français
Oscillateur mécanique en régime sinusoïdal forcé, Suspension d'un véhicule, ..., en Français
Pendule balistique en Français
Poulies en Français
Régulateur centrifuge en Français
Resolution of a force into components
Resultant of forces (addition of vectors)
Steel fabrication simulator
Steel production process an animated flash movie of the production process of Sidmar
Thermodynamics a simulation of four simple transformations in a contained ideal monoatomic or diatomic gas. The user chooses the type of transformation and, depending on the type of transformation, adds or removes heat, or adjusts the gas volume manually
Torque conversions convert to and from five units of torque
Turning, flood application
Turning, jet application turning, jet application
Valve gear simulation software valve gear simulation
Venturi tube simulation understand the application of Bernoulli equation
Water towers
Wind tunnel turn the fan on, and then change the wing angle to observe the forces acting on the airplane wing
Winding gear how a steam engine was used to power the lift that transported miners and equipment between the surface and the bottom of the mine shaft
Mechanics: machines & motors animations 
Axiale plunjerpomp in Dutch
Beam engine the Cornish Beam Engine (1834) was originally developed to pump out floodwater from the deep mines that are found in Cornwall
Cam follower mechanism cam follower mechanism
Cam follower system cam follower system, a cam and follower system is system/mechanism that uses a cam and follower to create a specific motion. The cam is in most cases merely a flat piece of metal that has had an unusual shape or profile machined onto it. This cam is attached to a shaft which enable it to be turned by applying a turning action to the shaft
Carnot cycle
Carnot engine and Carnot cycle Carnot engine and Carnot cycle
Crank piston motion simulator real time simulation of piston crank mechanism
Cycle de Beau de Rochas en Français
Cycle de Beau de Rochas en Français
Cycle de Carnot en Français
Cycle de Carnot en Français
Cycle de Joule-Brayton en Français
Cycle de Stirling en Français
Cycle du moteur Diesel en Français
Cylinder boring cylinder boring
Drilling machine process simulation drilling machine process simulation
Four stroke cycle: Otto cycle
Four stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) a 4-stroke internal combustion engine. The thermodynamic cycle being simulated is the Otto cycle, which involves an isentropic compression, an explosion at constant volume, an isentropic expansion, and the release of the exhaust at constant volume to return to the original pressure
Gasoline engine: Otto cycle simulation
Gas turbine engines an interactive, graphical, numerical gas turbine simulator
Jet engine simulation Jet engine simulation
Machine d'Atwood en Français
Machines dithermes : diagramme de Raveau
Machine frigorifique en Français
Moteur à 4 temps en Français
Piston steam engine piston steam engine
Pulley system pulley system
Steamboat animations steamboat animations
Steam locomotive walschaert valve gear animation
Stirling engine animations Stirling engine animations
Stirling motor Stirling motor
Système en rotation composé de deux cylindres coaxiaux de rayons, en Français
Tandwielpomp tandwielpomp, Tandwielpomp mettandkrans en vulstuk, in Dutch
Tapping tapping
Theoretical cicle of a double-acting steam engine
Turbine à combustion en Français
Turbine à gaz en Français
Two solitary waves on the water-surface in a canal
Mechanics: measurement 
Altimètre en Français
Caliper caliper
Dérailleur en Français
Escarpolette en Français
How to read a caliper the caliber consists of two scales. The first and main one is just a normal ruler, the second, smaller one, allows a precise determination of a number between divisions on the main scale
Micrometer micrometer
Protractor how to use a protractor
Using a protractor protractor
Vernier en Français
Vernier en Français
Verniers et appareils en Français
Vérins et distributeurs en Français
Vernier calipers
Vernier java applet this java applet shows you how to read a vernier


Machines and machine parts 
Afkantpers pdf file, in Dutch
Band saw machine selecting and installing a blade, operating a band saw, lubricating the blade, cutting round stock
Basic machines topics on how machines work, levers, block and tackle, wheel and axle, wedge, screw, gears, internal combustion engine, power trains
Bicycle aerodynamics
CNC machines CNC or Computer Numerical Control
Crank Rod engine
Design and analysis of machine elements mechanical engineering, problem solving, how to design, feasibility, stress, safety, shaft design, curved beams, springs, fatigue, threaded fasteners, fillet welds, cylinders, pressure vessels, squirrel cage motors, belt drives, brakes, spur gears, buckling, a tip
DC gear motor sizing
DC traction motor systems
Diesel locomotives
Diesel two-stroke engines describes the four-stroke diesel engines commonly found in cars and trucks
Drilling machines a drilling machine, called a drill press, is used to cut holes into or through metal, wood, or other materials
Drill press a drill press is preferable to a hand drill when the location and orientation of the hole must be controlled accurately
Electric traction drives describes the way electric motors on locomotives and multiple units drive the axles and wheels, Electric traction glossary, Multiple unit operation
Fundamentals of machine tools properties, identification, and heat treatment of metals, drilling machines, grinding machines, sawing machines, lathes, milling operations, milling - grinding - drilling and slotting attachment, weights and measures, formulas, glossary
Hydraulic brakes the hydraulic brake system used in the automobile is a multiple piston system
Gas turbine engines introduction to gas turbine engines
Grinding machines grinding is the process of removing metal by the application of abrasives which are bonded to form a rotating wheel
Historical machines: animations steam engine, rocket, paddle steamship, spinning mill, winding gear, blast furnace
How helicopters work
Jet engine NOx emissions
Jet engines
Lathe the purpose of a lathe is to rotate a part against a tool whose position it controls. It is useful for fabricating parts and/or features that have a circular cross section
Machines elementary machines
Machine tools basics of machine tool use for prototype fabrication, band saw, belt sander, grinding, buffing, measurement
Machining drilling, turning, milling, grinding
Machining techniques a series of articles describing machining techniques and tricks to get the best out of your workshop machinery, workshop tips, workshop projects, workshop techniques, drawings, experimental engineering, locomotives, IC / stationary engines, boring, milling, grinding, tables
Machining with long pulse lasers a tip
Manufacturing education page milling, drilling, machine tools, design for manufacture, heat in machining, environmentally conscious manufacturing, end milling simulation (EMSIM), turning tool design and insert selection, fixture modeling and analysis, grinding machines, honing machines
Mechanics, linear algebra and the bicycle in this module you will see how knowledge of basic mechanics and introductory linear algebra can be used to better understand many aspects of a means of transportation you are probably very familiar with: the bicycle
Pulser pump animated
Pumps an introduction to positive-displacement (PD) pumps, and in particular, rotary pumps
Rotor dynamics rotor dynamics is the study of rotating machines and has a very important part to play throughout the modern industrial world, rotating shafts, bearings, seals, rotor unbalance, instability, condition monitoring
Sawing machines
Steam engines
Steam engines
Steam engines
Steam engines steam engines were the first engine type to see widespread use. They were first invented by Thomas Newcomen in 1705, and James Watt
Stirling engine with animations
Stirling engines every Stirling engine has a sealed cylinder with one part hot and the other cold. The working gas inside the engine (which is often air, helium, or hydrogen) is moved by a mechanism from the hot side to the cold side
Stoommachine in Dutch
Trainweb railway technology, Modern Belgian train signalling
Train vacuum brakes the principal parts of the vacuum brake system as applied to an electric or diesel train
Turbine flowmeters this article describes the applications, performance characteristics, mode and theory of operation, calibration, installation and maintenance procedures and the design and construction of axial turbine flowmeters, including two dual rotor axial turbine designs, propeller meters and spirometers
Turbine tellers in Dutch, pdf file, Debiets meters in Dutch, pdf file
Wankel type steam engine info and many links
Winding gear in deep mines, shafts have to be lowered to reach the coal. The winding gear is there to allow coal to be raised to the surface as well as to allow men to reach the pit face
Woodworking woodworking, woodturning, woodcarving
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Sky Charts in Real-Time 

Astrophysics Astronomy & Space Education Calculators  

Astrophysics Astronomy & Space Calculators By Subject Astro-Physical/Units Astrobiology Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis Stellar Evolution Chemical Evolution Black Holes Blackbody Radiation Coordinates | Cosmology Dark Matter Doppler Shift Earth Asteroid Collision/Impact Ephemeris Energy Conversion FUSE Gravitational Lensing HF Transmitter Antennas HR Diagram Integrals | Ionosphere Jupiter Magnetosphere Modeling | NED Nuclear Properties Orbital Mechanics Planets Sun, & Solar System Pulsar | Satellites Space Flight Spectra Analysis Stars Nebula & Galaxies