Lorentz Transformations in Special Relativity

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity describes the relationship between space and time. The Lorentz transformations provide equations that describe the effect of speed on the dimensions of objects and time.

Because the concepts are difficult to demo in a real lab, simulations provide the only practical means for learning the concepts through hand-on activities.

This simulation currently shows LENGTH CONTRACTION of a spaceship which is being piloted by three of my students.

The pictures are separate GIF files student1.gif, student2.gif and student3.gif. You can easily put your own pictures in instead. This sim shows how relativitstic speeds alter space resulting in the length contraction that is described by Einstein's work.

Future additions include a variant of the pole in the barn paradox and twins paradox, Doppler/Red shift, and time travel. Go to the newsgroup on phyzx,net to post any comments or suggestions t

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