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Electricity & Magnetism

Optics irtual optical bench

Waves Ripple tank - 2 source interference

Java Applets for High School Physics Education

  1. Animation
    Wave Interference  Animation of Interference Pattern Formed by Two Points Sources.
  2. Simulation
    Equation of motion Equation of motion. (Force and movement.)
    Kepler Motion(1) Simple Kepler Motion.
    Kepler Motion(2) Simple Kepler Motion. (Floating Controller Type)
    Wave Machine Reflection of Wave from a Boundary.
    Longitudinal Wave Reflection of Longitudinal Wave from a Boundary
    Wave Generator Generate Sine Wave(Sound)
  3. Presentation
    Tramsverse wave and Longitudinal wave Tramsverse wave and Longitudinal wave.
    Circular motion and Simple harmonic motion Circular motion and Simple harmonic motion.
    Mirror Image by the concave mirror and convex mirror.
    The thick lens The focal point of the thick lens.
    Convex Lens Virtual Image and Real Image.
    Concave Lens The image by the concave lens.
    The rainbow The rainbow.
    Colors Additive Color.
    Electric Field Electric Field.

    Others(Not Java)

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Equilibrium of Three Forces
Resultant of Forces (Addition of Vectors)
Pulley System
Lever Principle
Inclined Plane (by Fendt)
Newton's Second Law
Elastic and Inelastic Collision
Newton's Cradle
Carousel (Centripetal Force)
Kepler's First Law
Kepler's Second Law
Golf ball Trajectory Simulation Applet
Shoot the Monkey
2D Collisions Java Applets
Freefall Lab - Earth, Moon and Mars
Block and Center of Gravity
See-Saw Torque
Moment of Inertia
Simple Harmonic Motion
Two-Dimensional Harmonic Motion
Driven Harmonic Motion (1 mass)
Driven Harmonic Motion (2 masses)
Force on a Wing
Projectile motion
Elastic collisions
Coriolis and centrifugal forces
The Kepler problem
The simple plane pendulum
Chaos in the driven pendulum
Reaction Time **
Reaction Time and Car Accident **
Traffic Light System *
Relative Moltion --Frame of Reference
Racing Balls
Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion with Air Drag
Interesting Properties of Projectile Motion
Bouncing Balls**
Free Rolling and Circular Motion
Angular Momentum and Area
Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion
Spring Force
Motion of a Ping Pong Ball
Instantaneous Speed
Billiards and Physics**
Simple Version of Pendulum
Kepler Motion
Projectile Orbits and Satellite Orbits
Billiard ball simulation
Spinning Top*
Newton's Cannon
Virtual wind tunnel
Spring Pendulum
Coupled Pendula
Inclined Plane/Friction
Potential/Kinetic Energy
2-D Cannon
Projectile Motion

Conservation of Momentum (1-D collisions)
2-D collisions
Frictional Force
Dynamics Applet (Surendranath)


Sound Beats
Longitudinal Wave
Phased Array
Ultrasound: How does it work?
Interference Patterns
Doppler Effect (1 source)
Doppler Effect (2 sources)
Lissajous Figures
Ripple Tank
Forced Oscillations (Resonance)
Standing Longitudinal Waves
Reflection and Refraction of Waves (Huygens' Principle)
Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves
Doppler Effect
The damped harmonic oscillator
Coupled oscillations
Transmission of waves through dense material
Oscillation and Wave
Doppler Effect and Shock Waves
Interference between two waves
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
Travelling Wave
Interference in a Ripple Tank
A Floating Log


Error and Measurement**
Vector Addition**
Exponential Growth
Vector Addition
Min/Max Thermometer
Real-time Histogram
Virtual physics lab (NTNU)
Density Lab
Snowflake Designer


Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids
Buoyant Force in Liquids
Gravity Flow
Buoyant Force
Buoyant Force II


Additive Colors
Subtractive Colors
Basic Prism
Ray Tracing
Fermat's Principle
Interference Patterns
Refraction of Light
Refracting Astronomical Telescope
Reflection/Refraction (Water-air Interface)
Thin Lens Demonstration
Thin Lens Combination
Thick Lens
Physics of Rainbows
Shadow/Image and Color
Fermat Principal
The World of Color**
Mixing Colored Light Beams
Light: a myriad of colors..
How a pinhole camera works
Bragg's Law of Diffraction
Bragg's Law and Diffraction: How waves reveal the atomic structure of crystals


Introduction to Plasma
Coulombic Forces
Lorentz Force
Direct Current Electrical Motor
Ohm's Law
Simple AC Circuits
Electromagnetic Oscillating Circuit
Electromagnetic Wave
Charged Particle motion in EM field
Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave
Basic Function of an Oscilloscope
Biot Savart Law
RC Circuits (DC)
RLC Ciruit
Multimeter (VOM)
Clipping Circuit (Voltage Limiters)
Lissajous Lab***
Interference of Siusoidal Waves
Motion in an electromagnetic field


Lennard-Jones Molecular Dynamics**
Surface Tension
P and V Effects -Le Chatlier's principle
Thomson Atom
Nuclear Atom
Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion
One-dimensional one-atom classical gas
Two-dimensional collisions
Model Nonequilibrium System

Brownian Motion (Advanced)
Spectra of Gas discharges
The particle in the box
Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Decay
Space and Time (Special Relativity)


Multiple Pendulum
Heat Flow
Planetary Motion**
Spinning Top
Bungie Chord
Breaking Bridge
Breaking Beam

Unit Conversions Unit Conversions Utility
Taha Mzoughi
Measurements, Calculations, and Uncertainties Vernier (Measurement/Significant Figures.) Fu-Kwun Hwang
Motion With Constant Acceleration Kinematics-Constant Acceleration Fu-Kwun Hwang
Addition of Vectors Vector Addition in Two Dimensions Fu-Kwun Hwang
Vector Addition in Three Dimensions Fu-Kwun Hwang
Relative Velocity in Two Dimensions Relative Motion Fu-Kwun Hwang
Projectile MotionTwo projectilesFu-Kwun Hwang
Model Rocket SimulationThomas E. Wilson and Theron T. Trout
Some Applications of Newton's LawsNewton's Second Law Experiment Walter Fendt
Simple Machines-Pulleys Fu-Kwun Hwang
Uniform Circular Motion Rotational Motion Fu-Kwun Hwang
Force Needed for Circular Motion Centripetal Force Fu-Kwun Hwang
Rotating Frames of Reference Mark Sutherland
Orbits and Satellites Fu-Kwun Hwang
Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion Kepler's Laws Video McGraw Hill
Conservation of Mechanical Energy Conservation of Energy Fu-Kwun Hwang
Elastic Collisions in One Dimension Newton's Cradle Walter Fendt
Momentum 1-d Collisions Fu-Kwun Hwang
Elastic Collisions in Two Dimensions Elastic Collisions Mark Sutherland
Torque Beam Balance (Torque) Walter Fendt
Torque Puzzle Fu-Kwun Hwang
Static Equilibrium Center of Gravity Fu-Kwun Hwang
Angular Momentum Centripetal Force Fu-Kwun Hwang
Conservation of Energy: Translations and Rotations Pool Ball/Rail Collision Thomas E. Wilson and Theron T. Trout
Physics in Practice: The Earth, the Moon, and the Tides Tides McGraw Hill
Achimedes' Principle Buoyant Force Fu-Kwun Hwang
The Ideal Gas Law Ideal Gas Law Fu-Kwun Hwang
The Kinetic Theory of Gases Kinetic Theory Julio Gea-Banacloche
The Carnot Cycle and the Efficiency of Engines Carnot Cycle Xing M. (Sherman) Wang
Physics in Practice: Gasoline Engines Otto Cycle  Xing M. (Sherman) Wang
Hooke’s Law Hooke's Law Fu-Kwun Hwang
Damped Harmonic Motion Damped Harmonic Oscillator Mark Sutherland
Pulses on a Rope Wave Harmonics-Plucking a String Michel Gallant
Sound Waves Image Voice Prints Peter B.L. Meijer
Sound Harmonics Fu-Kwun Hwang
Measuring Sound Levels Sound (db-demo.) EnviroMeasure
 The Doppler Effect Doppler Effect/Shock Waves Fu-Kwun Hwang
Standing Waves on a String Addition of Harmonics Gregory Sandell
Sound of Shapes  Kees van den Doel
Beats Interference of two Sinusoidal Waveforms Konstantin Lukin
Superposition of Electric Fields
Electric Field Line Tracer
Martin Busque, Michel Dion, Daniel Michaud and Michael Sheaff
Electric Resistance and Ohm's Law Ohm's Law and Using of Meters
Walter Fendt
Applications of Kirchhoff's Rules Wheatstone Bridge
Dorothea Wiarda
Magnetic Forces on Moving Charged Particles Motion in a Magnetic Field
Mark Sutherland
Generators and Motors Electrical Motor
Walter Fendt
Electromagnetic Waves Propagation of an E&M wave
Fu-Kwun Hwang
The RC Circuit RC Circuit
Fu-Kwun Hwang
R-L-C Series Circuit RLC circuit
Andrea Mameli, Gavino Paddeu, Paolo Anedda, Marco Pescosolido, Enrico Stara
Models of Light: Rays and Waves Electromagnetic Spectrum
Guy Kenneth McArthur
Reflection and Refraction Laws of Reflection and Refraction
Walter Fendt
Refraction of Light Demonstration
Phillip Dukes
Refraction of Light Demonstration
Andrea Mameli, Gavino Paddeu, Paolo Anedda, Marco Pescosolido, Enrico Stara
Thin Lenses Optics Demonstrations-A Single Lens with Real Image
Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Optics Demonstrations-A Single Lens with Virtual Image
Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Locating Images by Ray Tracing. Lenses & Mirrors
Fu-Kwun Hwang
The Thin-Lens Equation Optics Demonstrations-Two Lenses with two Real Images
Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Optics Demonstrations-Two Lenses with a Virtual and a Real Image
Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Optics Demonstrations-Two Lenses with a Real and a Virtual Image
Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Reflection and Refraction of Light Waves Huygens' Principle Walter Fendt
Interference of Light Wave Interference Fu-Kwun Hwang
Young's Double Slit Experiment Serge G. Vtorov
Resolution and the Rayleigh Criterion Raleigh Criterion-Size of the Aperature
Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Raleigh Criterion-Source Separation Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Raleigh Criterion-Wavelength of Light Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Dispersion Prism Andrea Mameli, Gavino Paddeu, Paolo Anedda, Marco Pescosolido, Enrico Stara
Rainbow Fu-Kwun Hwang
Principle of Relativity Michelson Interferometer Samantha Shoemake and John T. Foley
Time Dilation Time Dilation Walter Fendt
Spectroscopy Atomic Absorption McGraw Hill
The Photoelectric Effect Photo Electric Effect Michael Vershinin
Successes of the Bohr Theory Bohr's Radius McGraw Hill
Tunneling or Barrier Penetration Tunneling Through a Barrier John L. Richardson
Color by Addition and Subtraction Color Addition Phillip Dukes
The pn-junction PN Junction Chu Ryang Wie

Physics animations and java applets 
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Basic physics and optics
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Dos physics simulations DOS applications to be downloaded, refraction at plane surface, lenses and mirror, interference simulation, particle motion in magnetic fields, Boltzmann engine, ...
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Physics animations flash
Physics animations animated physics experiments and visualizations on physics with theoretical explanations. There are also physics forum, free samples and educational programs for download
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Physics java applets mechanics java applets, light & waves java applets, electromagnetics java applets
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Physics lecture demonstrations mechanics, waves, properties of heat and matter, electricity and magnetism, optics, astronomy and perception, audio visual materials
Physlets physlets, physics applets, are small flexible java applets designed for science education. You do not need to become a Java expert in order to use Physlets
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Vidéo en physique chimie en Français
Virtual lab interactive java applets for use in physics
Virtual physics laboratory reaction time measurements, traffic light system, relative motion, rolling and circular motion, one dimensional motion, projectile motion, angular momentum and area, simple harmonic motion, spring force, pendulum, center of gravity, Kepler motion, Pulley, Buoyant force, circulartion motion and centrifugal force, oscillation, Doppler effect, wave superposition, Fourier synthesis, transmission of waves (reflection and refraction), molecular model for an ideal gas (PV=NkT), Carnot heat engine, RC circuits, RLC circuit, charged particle motion in uniform E/M field, propagation of electromagnetic wave, oscilloscope, optics and light, Thin Lens / mirror, physics of rainbowvector addition, theorem of Pythagoras
Virtual physics laboratory Fu-Kwun Hwang, virtual physics laboratory, a tip
Virtual physics simulations 
Zonaland educational and entertaining items pertaining to physics, to the mathematical sciences, and to mathematics in general, a tip



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