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What are virtual labs?

There's an old expression that says

'a picture's worth a thousand words!'

I wish some of my college professors had heard that! Basic educational psychology has confirmed what the originator of that expression had figured out long before anyone knew about learning modalities. From a pedagogical science perspective, the rationale for use of Virtual Labs is much like the same for actual lab activities.

  • Tell me. I may not get it, I'm sure to forget it.
  • Show me. I may get it, I'll remember it for a little while.
  • Have me do it. I'll understand it, it may stick for awhile.

Anyone who has seriously taught anything knows...

  • Have me teach it. I'll really know it, I'll remeber it for a long time.
  • And, anyone that has every written programs to model something has learned...
  • Have me program it. Guru. Can you say eternity!

An excellent strategy for differentiating instruction is the use of Virtual Labs where students can do everything from merely exercise existing ones to designing and programming their own unique applications. From my own experience with computer graphics, programming applications requires even more rigorous study of the application than does teaching it.

Computers are far more particular to the accuracy of your explanations (algorithms) and are far less forgiving!

examples of virtual labs




use the regular google search with the topic you are looking for and add any or all of the following words to your search

 applet  simulation  Java  physlet   virtual    'virtual lab'   'virtual labs'   animation  application

tip: if you use only one of the keywords above put a plus sign in front of the it (i.e. +applet) to return only sites with 'applet' in them.

don't put a plus in front of too many keywords or you will narrow your search too much

Use the following to search for fluid density virtual labs. Press the 'PHYSICS' button  when you are ready to search the web.


A new window with the Google search results should pop up when the search is done.

(if it doesn't work check if you are blocking pop-ups! and try pasting the same string into a Google search page.).

The last time I tried that search I got 975 sites back. Try it  again with '+virtual labs'


this one returned 11,100 hits

Now let;s try it with the name of one of the principles


this one really narrowed it down but still got 185 hits

#2 Applet: Diver



Original content


MORE sites to find sims




Outstanding resources:mostly Java applets


Manipula Math

Geometry explorer

Geometry center



Penrose tiler

Euclid's Elements

Trigonometry : introduction

Surface plotter

Grid Blaster Game

Escher Web Sketch


Cabri Geometrie


Visual Geometry

Trigonometric mathplets

Planar Machines topology



Chaotic pendulum

Exploring Emergence



Lorenz butterfly


Chaos demonstrations


fractals in science

Cellular automata


Fractal Maker

Double pendulum

One-dimensional CA

Dynamical Systems

Automi cellulari lineari

Dragon Curve

Billiard Ball Computer

Introduction to Fractal Geometry

Chaos Page

Catastrophe Teacher

Vectors / Calculus

Manipula Math


Graphics for Complex Analysis

cross product


Infinite series


Interactive real analysis

Vector Calculator

Complex function viewer

Visual Calculus

Vector Arithmetic

Complex numbers made easy


Data analysis and statistics

Statistics 101

Stats 101

The Central Limit Theorem

Normal Distribution

Interactive statistics


Probability by Surprise

Statistics virtual lab

Vlab in Prob. and Stat.


Seeing statistics


Eric Weisstein's

Famous curves

Function Plotter


Equation Rendering


Online Conversion


Calculators online


Lisp interpreter

The laws list

xFunctions xPresso

Interactive math

Contour plotting


Kepler laws

Kepler Motion

The second law

Ballistic simulator

fun @ learning . physics

Vibe oscillator simulator

Black Holes

Momentum game

The Pendulum Lab

Time machine,I

Galileo and Einstein

Angular momentum conservation

N-body simulation



Emory Intro to Astronomy

Astronomy 161: the solar system

Solar System Simulator

sky atlas

Lunar phases


Vibration and Waves Animations

Sine waves


Standing Waves


Vibration of a Drum Skin

Heat and Thermodynamics

Ideal gas

Kinetic Theory

Simple heat engine

Pressure Chamber

Heat equation

UCI applets

Maxwell Distribution

MB Distribution Hands-On

Boltzmann's Dream


Orbits in spacetime

Numerical Relativity

Lens a Astrophysicist

Electricity and Magnetism

Exploring electric Fields

IQ modulation

Thermoelectric device


Electric field

Electricity and Magnetism

Lissajous Lab

Electric charges


Electric Field




Why things have color

Bragg's law

Thin Lens



Spirals illusion

Optical Illusions

Superamento preconcetti



Light and Color

Plane mirror

Fiat Lux

Diffraction Tutorial

Thin Film Interference

Laser Adventure

Fresnel Diffraction

Ottica Geometrica

Optical Table


Atomic and Nuclear physics


Radioactive decay

Hands-on atom

Ising model

Photoelectric effect

Physical Chemistry

Nuclear data

Brownian Motion


Crystal growth

Periodic Table

Quantum mechanics

Quantum Physics Online

Quantum Scattering

Spectroscopic simulator

Schroedinger cat

Wawe eq. simulation

Interferenza di elettroni

Snell's law by Feynman

Feynman's approach to optics


Visual Quantum Mechanics

Particle Physics

Charged particle motion

Accellerate a particle

Gluon Machine



Particle Adventure, I


Powers of ten


Hopkins Virtlab

Signals Systems Control

Wind tunnel

Nuclear reactor

Circuit simulator

Semiconductor Applet Services

Aeronautic Ed. Res.

dal Silicio al Computer

Virtual labs

Uoregon vlab

Project Java

Manipula Math

Cut the knot

Connected Curriculum project

Physics in Action

Walter Fendt

Fisica con ordenator



Physics-2000, I

Visual Physics

project Links

Modules & Simulations

Interactive Explorations

Project Interactivate





Molecular Expression


Physics Labs

Applet Collection

mathe online Galerie,M

Explore Science

MSU Java Mirror

Multimedia Physics Studio

Virtual Lab at Northwestern U.

Applets at CSU

Mcasco Course

Math. Ideas in Science

Physics Principles with Applications

Physlets examples


Experimental Math. Program

Daniel Roth

Greg Egan






J.J. Rousseau


Steffen Weber


Living Math


Interactive math

Univ. Gent


Paul Falstad

Trailblazer pages

Truman College

Virtual Labs

Math Archives



Science Gems


Calculators Online

Physik mit Java

Chaos hypertextbook

The World of Materials

Materiale multimediale per la fisica


Internet resources from aps

Fisica 1 in Java


Interactive Physics

PIRA Webring



Cont. College Phys. Simulation Library


Fisica per tutti

Alward eLectures



  • EJS


Parabolic throw   Motion  under the action of gravity

Collision in one dimension  Ellastic collision of two spheres

Bouncing ball  What happens when an ellastic falling object reaches the ground?

Spring A simulation of a bob which hangs from the ceiling suspended by a string

Forced oscillation  A spring subject to an external sinusoidal force

Pendulum The unforced pendulum. A simulation showing simple harmonic oscillations

See-saw A simulation of the children's game. Includes sound!

The Earth and the Moon A reduced two-body problem

The three-body problem Simulation of a three-body problem

The Sun, the Earth, and the Moon The three-body problem with real data from our solar system

Lissajous, basic Generating Lissajous’ figures

Lissajous, complete Generating Lissajous’ figures (with some more possibilities)

Predator and prey, basic Lotka-Volterra equations for the coexistence of two species

 The vibrating string A simulation of a vibrating string using simple physical laws

The Mandelbrot set A visualization of the famous fractal set created by Mandelbrot

Particles in 3D An example of the 3D capabilities of Ejs

Electromagnetic wave A visualization in 3D of an electromagnetic wave


Rotational pendulum A simulation of a 3D rotational pendulum (also knows as Furuta's Pendulum)

Doble pendulum A simulation of a pendulum that hangs from another one

Particles and walls A complex simulation of charged particles interacting among themselves and with free-hand created walls

Gas 2D A molecular model of the pressure exerted by a gas

Predator and prey, a simulation The classical revisited. A more realistic simulation of the process

Balls in a box A set of balls which can collide simultaneously

Gyroscope A 3D visualization of a gyroscope

EJS The following applets are included in the collection:

Eugene Butikov Computer illustrations to the laws of motion – Overview

Restricted three-body problem -- a satellite in the binary planet system

Examples of the restricted three-body problem (in two frames of reference)

Figure-eight periodic planar three-body motion

Figure-eight three-body motion in two frames of reference

Variations of figure-eight planar three-body motion

Three-body motions in the equilateral configuration

Regular planar motions of four bodies of equal masses

The laws of motion. The uniform rectilinear motion in the absence of forces, and the motion under a constant force are simulated.

Falling objects. The motions of bodies falling down under the gravitational force in the idealized situation of a vacuum, in which bodies move without any resistance, and in a viscous medium are simulated.

Rising bubbles in a viscous liquid. The motion of a bubble occurring under the buoyant force and the opposing force of viscous friction is simulated.



Sites With Simulations

***University of Oregon - GOOD SIMS!!!

Contemporary College Physics SimulationLibrary

MyPhysicsLab - Physics Simulations

***Univ of Colorado Physics 2000 GOOD SIMS!!

Physics 2000 basic concepts in physics  interactive Java apps

Physics 2000 - Univ of Colorado Physics -SIMS

OPENSource Physics Intro special relativity physlets including time dilation and length contraction

Cart Throws Ball If a cart throws a ball, where will the ball land?

MyPhysicsLab - Physics

 Fear of Physics -

educypedia - Java Applets

Martindale's On-line Calculators links to over 18,000 calculators

Free Body Diagramming Free Body Diagram Builder - REALLY COOL PROJECT !!!

The Physics Classroom - FBD QUIZl

http://dynamics Determining Net Force -

 MathType 5.1 for Windows

MaterialWorlds  - physics simulation

materialworlds simulations

Lesson plans for Geometer's Sketchpad

Explore Java Technology

Contemporary College Physics Simulation Library

Free Tool Downloads

Shockwave Physics Studios - Free Body Diagrams

Multimedia Science - Physics -Series


other resourses & software

Wiley-mechanics simulations]

Web-based student activities

Applet function plotter

MyPhysicsLab - Physics Simulations

Math and Physics Applets

VisSim 5 Professional Trial

MORE Real Wurld

How things fly - explains how birds, planes, etc fly

Mototrcycle Wheelie Simulator/Calculator

Skidmark Analyzer for Crash Investigation This site has all kinds of other crash investigation info and links

SOLAR SYSTEM SIMULATOR - Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA

 Space Library or Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

!!!!!Interactive Physics Simulations by A. John Mallinckrodt

BU Physlabs

Physlet Illustrations from Gustavus Adolphus College

Physics 2000 - Univ of Colorado Physics -SIMS Determining Net Force -

The Physics Classroom - FBD QUIZl

Free Body Diagram Builder - REALLY COOL PROJECT !!!

Relativistic Starflight Space-Time Physics Ph 1bc

Time Dilation

Twin Paradox

Twin-Paradox Events and Transformations Virtual

collection of resources.

  • GlennBrook

Multimedia physics studios - animations and links to physics videos


Fear of Physics -

Einstein's Relativity: The house. What happens when you move very very fast?


Simulations by A. John Mallinckrodt!!!!!

  • U of Virgina

Projectile Motion - On screen simulation with adjustments

The Tech Museum of Innovation


UC Berkeley

UC Berkeley Physics Pre-labs for Introductory Physics Experiment


Relativity on the World Wide Web

Academic Directory on Special Relativity College


Physics Central

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Museum of Physics  Univ of Naples

Physics Servers and Services  (McGill)

TIPTOP -- The Internet Pilot To Physics.

Galaxy  -Physics sites of interest

History of Science & Science Museums

Cal Techs SIMS are very good!***CalTech applet below.

Space Time Physics Lab

LRC Circuit Lab

Electric Field

Moving Charge the field of a moving charge,

Magnetic Field applet  moving charges.

Inductance applet shows

DEMOS Harvard, Columbia

Harvard -Physics Lecture Demonstrations - If you are interested in physics, this site is a must! From astronomy to magnetism to waves, this site covers it all.

Columbia http://columbia-

An Introduction to Newtonian Mechanics  applets by Edward Kluk.

COOL!!! The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere - Did you know that  completelthe earth is a huge magnet, one whose magnetic influence extends far into space? WHERE ARE THOSE PLANETS RIGHT NOW?

TODAY'S PLANETS POSITION: VISUALIZE SOLAR SYSTEM AT A GIVEN EPOCH (JAVA APPLET) - Dieter Egger, Alpha-World, Forschungseinrichtung Satellitengeodäsie, Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Germany)

VERY EXTENSIVE. For more information see The Exploratorium


Another one (with comet)

Sun, Earth, Moon: Orbit, Eclipses, On Moon, On Sun, Moon Phases Stuff involving these three heavenly bodies.

Fermilab: The Relativity Challenge  interactive, animated online exercise

Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics - This terrific site explains aerodynamics to beginners through interactive animations, equations, images, and text.


 Astro Applets;

Applets or Dieter Egger's Home Page GOOD MOON STUFF!!

Eckerd College Physlets


The Tech Museum of Innovation

Wake Forest University

Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page

The Idiot's Guide to the Twin (Non-)Paradox — Especially


Twin Paradox Simulation

Frequently Asked Questions About Special Relativity

Guide to Special Relativistic Flight Simulators

Syracuse University: Twin Paradox Applet

Twin-Paradox Events and Transformations

Time Travel

Does a clock's acceleration affect its timing rate?

Time Concept

The Pole-Barn Paradox

Virtual Physics Laboratory interactive physics activities.

The Doppler Effect: Why, Hear it. Sometimes we don't hear what we're supposed

 SOLAR SYSTEM (JAVA APPLET) - E. L. Gans, Department of French, UCLA


Frequently Asked Questions About Special Relativity

relativistic flight simulation links

Einstein's Relativity: The house. What happens when you move very very fast?

davidsonspecial relativity physlets time dilation


Physlet Illustrations from Gustavus Adolphus College

Pre-labs for Introductory Physics Experiments 

Java 1.1 Archive

Eckerd College Physlets


BU Physlabs BU

Concept of Space and Time in Special relativity

Do you have a question on one of our

Physics of a Luge - Describes how luge racing works in terms of Newtons laws

Forces, Accelerations, & Car Accidents - Videos of car crashes and physics

The Physics Museum  University of Queensland


***very interesting! EARTH IMPACT EFFECTS PROGRAM -  University of Arizona, Tucson

VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. "...will estimate the seismic, blast wave,

 and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of

the crater produced by the impact..."TIPTOP -- The Internet Pilot To Physics.

History of Science & Science Museums


The Physics Museum at the University of Queensland

Museum of Physics Dept., University of Naples

MyPhysicsLab - Physics Simulations

Contemporary College Physics Simulation Library

materialworlds simulations

Fowler's Physlet Simulations

Mechanics and Fluids Simulations



Motion with Constant Acceleration

Equilibrium of Three Forces

Resultant of Forces (Addition of Vectors)

Resolution of a Force into Components

Projectile Motion

Newton's Second Law Experiment

Michigan State - Physics Simulations -  Brecht

Syracuse Univ physics Educational modules and simulations



The Internet Pilot to Physics - This site provides links to other physics-related sites, a calendar, and a "Physics Forum." and "Virtual Laboratory" Physics Servers and Services around the World (McGill)

Galaxy Directory Services -Physics sites of interest

Martindale's Calculators On-Line Center:


PHYSICS in spanish





General Physics Sites & Directories

One of my creations using EJS Length Contraction - What would you look like at 9/10's the speed of light? Another version one more...

Get EJS and take this applet and insert your own student's pictures in it.

EJS Simulation building tool review


Martindale's  Physics - Courses with Applets & Calculators

One of the best ! Caltech Special Relativity Sim

Space-Time Physics Ph 1bc

Main Pira Site 1 (Demonstration Classification Scheme, at U of Ark.)

Physics Unbound

classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism,

quantum mechanics, and more.

Explore Science - Highly rated

***JAVA Applets for Physics
Walter Fendt


JAVA Applets from Walter Fendt

Motion with Constant Acceleration

Equilibrium of Three Forces

Resultant of Forces (Addition of Vectors)

Resolution of a Force into Components

Pulley System

Lever Principle

Inclined Plane

Newton's Second Law Experiment

Projectile Motion

Elastic and Inelastic Collision

Newton's Cradle

Carousel (Centripetal Force)

Kepler's First Law

Kepler's Second Law

Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids

Buoyant Force in Liquids

Oscillations and Waves
JAVA Applets from
Walter Fendt

Simple Pendulum

Spring Pendulum

Coupled Pendula

Forced Oscillations (Resonance)


Standing Wave
Superposition with the Reflected Wave)

Standing Longitudinal Waves

Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves

Doppler Effect


Refraction of Light

Reflection and Refraction of Light Waves
(Explanation by Huygens' Principle)

Refracting Astronomical Telescope

Interference of Light at a Double Slit

Diffraction of Light by a Single Slit



GOOD interactive SIMS

educypedia - Java Applets

Newton's Cradle

Pulley System




The Physics of Racing - Brian Beckman

Bang! Boing! Pop! Physics

Fun@Learning.Physics This site offers 10 applets as part of an online course on dynamics

Coriolis and Centrifugal Forces

Virtual Laboratory A large set of physics and astronomy applets reside at this University of Oregon site.


Produced by students at Cariboo Hill Secondary School,

Car Kinematics

Projectile Motion

Force and Friction

Inelastic Collision

Elastic Collision

Seesaw Simulation

Free Fall

Visual Physics This applet simulates a ball in free fall applets,

check out One Dimensional Motion Simulations

Emilio Segre Visual Archive - American physicists and astronomers of the 20th century and in earlier times." .




Virtual Physics Laboratory
Created by Taiwanese physicist Fu-Kwun Hwang, these Java applets explain a multitude of physical principles. Topics include:

Free Rolling and Circular Motion

Racing Balls

One Dimensional Motion (XVA)

Projectile Motion (Cannon to Cannon)

Bouncing Balls

Angular Momentum and Area

Motion of a Ping-Pong Ball


Center of Gravity

Kepler Motion

Projectile/Satellite Orbits


Buoyant Force

Circular Motion and Centripetal Force

One-Dimensional Collision

Two-Dimensional Collision

Frictional Force and Motion

In Which Direction Will It Roll?

Vector Addition

Theory of Relativity
JAVA Applets from
Walter Fendt

Time Dilation

Nuclear Physics

JAVA Applets from Walter Fendt

Radioactive Decay Series

Law of Radioactive Decay

Physics of Atoms

JAVA Applets from Walter Fendt

Photoelectric Effect

Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Atom

JAVA Applets from Walter Fendt

Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet

Magnetic Field of a Straight Current-Carrying Wire

Lorentz Force

Direct Current Electrical Motor


Ohm's Law

Combinations of Resistors

Simple AC Circuits

Electromagnetic Oscillating Circuit

Electromagnetic Wave



Wake Forest University

History of Science & Science Museums

Physics Servers and Services around the World (McGill)

The Physics Museum at the University of Queensland

Museum of Physics Dept., University of Naples

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

BUILD A SOLAR SYSTEM - The Exploratorium VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. For more information see The Exploratorium

GOOD SOLAR SYSTEM SIMULATION!! SOLAR SYSTEM (JAVA APPLET) - E. L. Gans, Department of French, UCLA "Both the planets and their orbits are approximately to scale with each other, but the planet scale is much larger than than the orbit scale, and the sun is not in scale with either." For more information see Eric L. Gans Home Page BUILD YOUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM!!VERY COOL!!

Another one (with comet)

Sun, Earth, Moon: Orbit, Eclipses, On Moon, On Sun, Moon Phases Stuff involving these three heavenly bodies.

DEMOS - Pira Site 2 (NCSU) Wake Forest University Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

Many MoonsWatch a random collection of moons collide with each other acording to the conservation of momentum. This applet was written by Jeffrey S. Rosenthal of the University of Toronto.

Visible Sky Applet This applet shows the visible sky, in the form of a polar chart, with the sun, moon, 4 planets and 56 stars. To produce a polar chart, simply enter the desired position, date and time. This applet was written by Omar Reis of Orion Astronomia e Navegação, Brasil.

J-Trak: Satellite Tracking An excellent collection of applets that allows you to view the position of actual satellites relative to the earth. You can choose from spacecraft, weather, search and rescue, and amateur radio satellites. This page is provided by NASA's Liftoff to Space Exploration site.

Landsat Map Click on any part of the U.S. and this applet from NASA's Observatorium will display an image of that region taken by the Landsat satellite.

Orbit Simulator Watch the motion of the satellite as it traces out an elliptical orbit around the earth. Click on the mouse to change the eccentricity, or shape, of the orbit. This Java applet is part of NASA'


Relative Motion (frame of reference)


Elastic and Inelastic Collision

Elastic Collisions

Energy Game



ROTATIONAL INERTIA - Balance a vertical stick

Lever Principle


Angular Momentum - Earth and Sun

Angular Momentum of a Top

Angular Momentum Quantitized


Momentum Game

Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion


The Virtual Bicycle This simulation lesson shows

vector mechanics and lets you adjust how fast the

 person riding is pedaling.  Overview Download Win 9x, NT

Snell's Law  This simulation allows you to see how a ray o

f light bends as it passes from one medium to

another More Details Download Win 9x, N

NASA & other GOV

Stanford Linear Accelerator - what a linear accelerator really does?

the Brookhaven National Laboratory

Relativistic Heavy Collider  Brookhaven National Laboratory

what happens when an ion is smashed!a virtual tour

of the Brookhaven National Lab's Heavy Ion Collider.  animation of a collision

SOLAR SYSTEM SIMULATOR - Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA

 Space Library or Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Strange Writings: A Problem, Deciphered We can't see them,

 so what does an atom look like? Shockwave simulations, including:

Inclined Plane

Golf Range!

Air Track

See-Saw Torque

Simple Harmonic Motion

2D Collisions

Driven Harmonic Motion (1mass)

Driven Harmonic Motion (2 masses)

Harmonic Motion (2D)

Free Fall Lab - Terminal Velocity

Moment of Inertia

Density Lab

Floating Log

Force on a Wing

Orbit Simulator

Vector Addition

Black Hole

You Try It


 PBS feature A Science Odyssey

The Particle Adventure - Find answers to the eternal, fundamental questions of physics: "What is the world made of?" and "What holds it together?"

The Particle Adventure - What is the world made of? What holds it together?

The ABCs of Nuclear Science - A soup-to-nuts site exploring the atom, with a detailed glossary and many activities and high-school level experiments. This site requires frames and, due to its horizontal layout, may be hard to view on small monitors. paper airplanes.

What is an Atom?: Orbits, Quantum, The Atom.


The Idiot's Guide Twin Paradox


Twin Paradox Simulation



 Carousel (Centripetal Force)



Kepler's First Law

Kepler's Second Law



 the scientific and technological advances of the last 100 years.

ngineering Toolbox
Frank Potter s Science Gems
new york stete regents physics exam prep

The Internet Plasma Physics Education eXpereince (IPPEX) -

 Designed for middle school and high school students, this site

provides an excellent introduction to plasma physics.

What is Friction?: An Experiment

Collisions: Light, Heavy, Same.

 Swinging Pendulums: Different starts.

Speed and Acceleration

Why things fall: Fall Video.

Zero g: Zero g Video, A Pendulum.

 Ball on a String

Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics

Cart Throws Ball

First one Down

Things that Spin: The race, Wheel (still), Wheel (spinning).

Sound: 2D, How we hear, Play sounds.
 Shake it!A ball is twirled on a string. Then the string is cut....

The Perpetual Motion Page - Plans and explanations for four perpetual-motion machines are on this page.
hotAIR - Rare and well-done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research -

hePeriodic Table of the Presidents,"

Vector Calculator Practice vector addition with this applet written by JBalloons 

Toss a water balloon from the top of a tall building to a friend down below.

This applet comes from the Physics of Projectile Motion

Conservation of MomentumWatch how the balls collide

Circular and Simple Harmonic Motion horizontal and perpendicular components of circular motion.

Java Applets for High School Physics Education p

The Conservation of Angular Momentum

See how angular momentum is conserved by adjusting the length of the swinging pendulum.

This applet is part of Space Academy, an educational outreach program of

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Special Relativity Index & Animations

Trips to Black Holes and Neutron Stars Page

The Idiot's Guide to the Twin (Non-)Paradox — Especially TwinPassby

Animations of physical processes animated physics experiments and visualizations on waves, mechanics, optics, thermodynamics

Basic physics and optics Cabri en physique en Français, a tip Cabri java applets en Français, a tip Dos physics simulations DOS applications to be downloaded, refraction at plane surface, lenses and mirror, interference simulation, particle motion in magnetic fields, Boltzmann engine, ...

Engineering education fluid dynamics, ideal flow machine, virtual shock tube, compressible aerodynamics calculator, converging diverging nozzle simulator, thermodynamics of air, boundary layer applets + convection, heat conduction applets, vortex panel method, Mohr's circle applet, beam analysis, resultant of vectors, dynamics, motion on curved paths, projectile motion

Exploratorium science Exploratorium science snacks miniature science exhibits, teachers could make using , inexpensive, available materials. Figures animées pour la physique en Français, a tip

Fun learning physics projectile motion, damped harmonic oscillator, elastic collisions, coupled oscillations, coriolis and centrifugal forces, Kepler problem, simple plane pendulum, chaos in the driven pendulum, motion in an electromagnetic field, Henon Heiles system

Fun science gallery fun, simple, low cost science experiments for amateur scientists

Fysica vandaag mechanica, elektriciteit, periodieke bewegingen, in Dutch, een tip

General physics java applets mathematics, kinematics, wave motion, electric field, magnetic field, oscillations, optics

Geometry center java applets, mathematics, physics, rainbow, integrator, software-java download

Interactive physics Interactive physics and math a set of more than 20 scientifically accurate, easily understandable, user friendly educational applets, photon, atom, pendulum, lens, mirror, reflection, diffraction

Interactive physics modules matter, electricity and magnetism, energy, fusion : shockwave programs

Interactive programs shockwave programs: color creator, absorption, leds, incandescence, laser, flurescence, phosphorrescence, quantum tunneling, wave function Interessante fysica-applets in Dutch, een tip category: science - engineering category: physics

Java applets for high school physics education Java applets: interactive library Java applets on physics you can download here 39 applets mechanics, motion with constant acceleration, hydrostatic pressure in liquids, oscillations and waves, resonance, reflection and refraction of waves, electrodynamics, generator, refraction of light, thermodynamics, theory of relativity, physics of atoms, nuclear physics

Laboratoire virtuel en Français Math and physics applets Mathematical calculators online basic calculator, scientific calculator, square root, circle, prime number quadratic equation, percent, probability calculator, savings calculator, trigonometry calculator, sine, cosine, tangent

Mr. Fizzix student oriented interactive site and a variety of visual presentations

Multimedia-physik mechanik, optik, elektrik, astro, elektro

Multimedia-physiks studio collection of GIF animations, motion, kinematics, Newton's Laws, vectors, projectiles, momentum, energy, circular motion, relativity, Einstein, electricity, waves, sound, light, interference, reflection, refraction, optics, roller coasters, Kepler, planetary motion

NCSU physics lab demonstration room

NTNU physics virtual physics laboratory, a tip Physics2 electronic version of PHY2054 Physics 2000 makes learning fun, using interactive animations

Physics animations animated physics experiments and visualizations on physics with theoretical explanations. There are also physics forum, free samples and educational programs for download

Physics demo videos Physics java applets mechanics java applets, light & waves java applets, electromagnetics java applets Physics java simulations spring, pendulum, molecule, ...

Physics lecture demonstrations mechanics, waves, properties of heat and matter, electricity and magnetism, optics, astronomy and perception, audio visual materials

Physics applets Physlets physlets, physics applets, are small flexible java applets designed for science education. You do not need to become a Java expert in order to use Physlets Physlet für anfänger in German

 Physique et simulations numériques circuits électriques, cristallographie, électronique, optique ondulatoire, optique géométrique, en Français, a tip

Physics applets thermodynamics, mechanics, energy, astrophysics Physics resource packets project mechanics, modern physics, electricity & magnetism, waves, classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, thermo / stat mech, electromagnetic theory, physical optics

Project Java physics, geology, and computer science

Ross Shep physics page

Sandlotscience optical Illusions, moire patterns, kits, impossible objects, ambiguous, games, interactive, puzzles, hands-on, real-time, distortions, ambiguous, impossible, art, artwork, graphics, cartoons, games, camouflage, logic, color, animation, science projects Sciences physiques applications interactives pour les élèves et les profs de physique de lycée, physique, chimie, astronomie, informatique, toutes les applications proposées sont téléchargeables pour être utilisées hors connexion, en Français

Shareware simulations for lessons in physics, science and math Vidéo en physique chimie en Français Virtual lab interactive java applets for use in physics

Virtual physics laboratory reaction time measurements, traffic light system, relative motion, rolling and circular motion, one dimensional motion, projectile motion, angular momentum and area, simple harmonic motion, spring force, pendulum, center of gravity, Kepler motion, Pulley, Buoyant force, circulartion motion and centrifugal force, oscillation, Doppler effect, wave superposition, Fourier synthesis, transmission of waves (reflection and refraction), molecular model for an ideal gas (PV=NkT), Carnot heat engine, RC circuits, RLC circuit, charged particle motion in uniform E/M field, propagation of electromagnetic wave, oscilloscope, optics and light, Thin Lens / mirror, physics of rainbowvector addition, theorem of Pythagoras

 Virtual physics simulations 

mr fizzix

Zonaland educational and entertaining items pertaining to physics, to the mathematical sciences, and to mathematics in general, a tip

Gravity Tutorial

Amusment Park Physics
Amusement Park

Light and Pigment Mixing
Color Mixing



DC Circuits

Displacement vs.Distance

Electric Fields

Escape Velocity




ImageThrough aThin Lens
Thin LensesandMirrors


Code   *NEW*






VectorAddition 2D



Particles in a box. Simple Monte Carlo simulation of particles initially confined to one half of the box. Simulations shows the approach to a more random state from a specially prepared state and the fluctuations in equilibrium. Updated 7 August 2003.

Approach to equilibrium. A molecular dynamics simulation of a Lennard-Jones liquid in two dimensions. The particles are restricted to the middle third of the simulation cell. Updated 30 January 2003.

Sensitivity to initial conditions. A molecular dynamics simulation of a Lennard-Jones system in a specially prepared state. Updated 7 August 2003.


Demon - Einstein Solid. A Monte Carlo simulation of a demon exchanging energy with an Einstein solid. Shows that the demon can be interpreted as a thermometer. Updated 17 November 2004.

Boltzmann probability. A Monte Carlo simulation of an ideal classical gas in one dimension in equilibrium with a heat bath. Updated 11 July 2002.

Two solids in contact. A molecular dynamics simulation of two solids in thermal contact. Updated 7 October 2004.

Einstein solid. A computation of the number of states of two harm



Equilibrium of Three Forces
Resultant of Forces (Addition of Vectors)
Pulley System
Lever Principle
Inclined Plane (by Fendt)
Newton's Second Law
Elastic and Inelastic Collision
Newton's Cradle
Carousel (Centripetal Force)
Kepler's First Law
Kepler's Second Law
Air Track
Inclined Plane (shockwave)
Golf Range!
Shoot the Monkey
2D Collisions
Freefall Lab - Terminal Velocity
Center of Mass
See-Saw Torque
Moment of Inertia
Simple Harmonic Motion
Two-Dimensional Harmonic Motion
Driven Harmonic Motion (1 mass)
Driven Harmonic Motion (2 masses)
Force on a Wing
Projectile motion
Elastic collisions
Coriolis and centrifugal forces
The Kepler problem
The simple plane pendulum
Chaos in the driven pendulum
Reaction Time **
Reaction Time and Car Accident **
Traffic Light System *
Relative Moltion --Frame of Reference
Racing Balls
Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
Projectile Motion
Projectile Motion with Air Drag
Interesting Properties of Projectile Motion
Bouncing Balls**
Free Rolling and Circular Motion
Angular Momentum and Area
Simple Harmonic Motion and Uniform Circular Motion
Spring Force
Motion of a Ping Pong Ball
Instantaneous Speed
Billiards and Physics**
Simple Version of Pendulum
Kepler Motion
Projectile Orbits and Satellite Orbits
Billiard ball simulation
Spinning Top*
Newton's Cannon
Virtual wind tunnel
Spring Pendulum
Coupled Pendula
Inclined Plane/Friction
Potential/Kinetic Energy
2-D Cannon
Projectile Motion

Conservation of Momentum (1-D collisions)
2-D collisions
Frictional Force
Dynamics Applet (Surendranath)


Sound Beats
Longitudinal Wave
Phased Array
Ultrasound: How does it work?
Interference Patterns
Doppler Effect (1 source)
Doppler Effect (2 sources)
Lissajous Figures
Ripple Tank
Forced Oscillations (Resonance)
Standing Longitudinal Waves
Reflection and Refraction of Waves (Huygens' Principle)
Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves
Doppler Effect
The damped harmonic oscillator
Coupled oscillations
Transmission of waves through dense material
Oscillation and Wave
Doppler Effect and Shock Waves
Interference between two waves
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
Travelling Wave
Interference in a Ripple Tank


Error and Measurement**
Vector Addition**
Exponential Growth
Vector Addition
Min/Max Thermometer
Real-time Histogram
Virtual physics lab (NTNU)
Density Lab


Hydrostatic Pressure in Liquids
Buoyant Force in Liquids
Floating Log
Gravity Flow
Buoyant Force
Buoyant Force II


Additive Colors
Subtractive Colors
Basic Prism
Ray Tracing
Fermat's Principle
Interference Patterns
Refraction of Light
Refracting Astronomical Telescope
spectrum tuner
color addition
Reflection/Refraction (Water-air Interface)
Thin Lens Demonstration
Thin Lens Combination
Thick Lens
Physics of Rainbows
Shadow/Image and Color
Fermat Principal
The World of Color**
Mixing Colored Light Beams
Light: a myriad of colors..
How a pinhole camera works
Bragg's Law of Diffraction


Introduction to E&M
Introduction to Plasma
Coulombic Forces
Lorentz Force
Direct Current Electrical Motor
Ohm's Law
Simple AC Circuits
Electromagnetic Oscillating Circuit
Electromagnetic Wave
Charged Particle motion in EM field
Propagation of Electromagnetic Wave
Basic Function of an Oscilloscope
Biot Savart Law
RC Circuits (DC)
RLC Ciruit
Multimeter (VOM)
Clipping Circuit (Voltage Limiters)
Lissajous Lab***
Interference of Siusoidal Waves
Motion in an electromagnetic field


Lennard-Jones Molecular Dynamics**
Surface Tension
P and V Effects -Le Chatlier's principle
Thomson Atom
Nuclear Atom
Einstein's Explanation of Brownian Motion
One-dimensional one-atom classical gas
Two-dimensional collisions
Model Nonequilibrium System

Brownian Motion (Advanced)
Spectra of Gas discharges
The particle in the box
Radioactive Decay
Radioactive Decay
Space and Time (Special Relativity)


Multiple Pendulum
Heat Flow
Planetary Motion**
Spinning Top
Bungie Chord
Breaking Bridge
Breaking Beam



Virtual labs are software tools that make it possible to experience the essential aspects of a real world activity through the use of software tools and the world wide web.

VIRTUAL LABS are software tools  that make it possible to observe and how real world systems behave under a variety of user controlled conditions without having the real thing or a physical model of it.

Many simulations found on the web, while interesting to look at and helpful in visualization, are merely animations. They lack interactivity and the provision for variation or the independent variables that one would want to modify.

Virtual Labs are INTERACTIVE SIMULATIONS that allow the user to modify the input variables, re-run the simulation with the modified inputs, and observe the results of those changes

ideally the user will be provided with data in addition to animation so that empirical analysis can be made

They are called different things from applets, to simulations, to plug-ins

Virtual Labs can be applets, animations, simulations, plug-ins, standalone application, calculators, etc.

Applets, animations, simulations, plug-ins, standalone application, calculators, etc. are not all Virtual Labs

They can be both web based or off-line tools

They are created with a variety of software tools & methods



SUBJECT CONTENT Internet Resources Physics (Revised) 9248

SECTION I GENERAL PHYSICS 1. Physical Quantities and Units

2. Measurement Techniques


4. Dynamics

5. Forces

6. Work, Energy, Power

7. Motion in a Circle

8. Gravitational Field


10. Temperature

11. Thermal Properties of


13. Waves

14. Superposition


15. Electric Fields

16. Capacitance

17. Current of Electricity

18. D.C. Circuits

19. Magnetic Fields

20. Electromagnetism

21. Electromagnetic Induction

22. Alternating Currents

23. Analogue Electronics   SECTION VI MODERN PHYSICS  24. Charged Particles

25. Quantum Physics

26. Nuclear Physics

OPTION F The Physics of Fluids  Fl. Buoyant Forces

F2. Non-Viscous Fluid Flow

F3. Viscous Fluids

Practical Skills Graphical Analysis


  • A shockwave applet on Tables


Miscellaneous Descriptions

Useful Physics Links

NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory - a wide collection of applets categorized according to physical topics
   VJC Physics Resources - highly recommended
    PHYSICS ONLINE at Northallerton College A-level relevant materials, notes, animations, quizzes, etc.
    The Physics Classroom
    Physics for Scientists and Engineers Companion Website
    Physics Book Companion Website
    The Applet Collection  


Physics Videos by Chapters  

General Physics Java Applets developed by B.Surendranath Reddy  

Physics Applets developed by University of Oregon  

Molecular Expressions - Electricity & Magnetism Introduction


Spectrum of Physics  



Physics Java Applets Links from EDUCYPEDIA The educational encyclopedia  

Flash Animations for Physics  

Land of Physics  




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