Do the following... this assignment in WORD DOC format, in ADOBE PDF
1. Sign up on Newsgroup
  Do not use your full name for your username

Send a PM (Private message) to mregli telling me your real name to I can add you to the Period3 group

2.  Go to Student Info page on this site Student Info - STUDENT INFO - SKIP THIS ONE FOR NOW...
  Fill out questionnaire as completely as you can
Questions with * next to them are
Print out a copy of the form to keep and one to turn in
Click on the SUBMIT button to send in completed form
3. Physics JAVA applets
  On your home computer, go to http://www.walter-fendt.de/download/ph14dl.htm or use the direct links below to download the zip file containing Physics JAVA applets created by Walter Fendt
a) Download the JAVA applet simulation library to your computer
  Right click on File name and select Save target as... (IE)  or Save link  as... (firefox) to save to your hard
(the (e)nglish and/or (s)panish version
Language  File Size Folders
English ph14e.zip 500 KB ph14, ph14_gifs, ph14_jar, ph14e
Español ph14s.zip 514 KB ph14_gifs, ph14_jar, ph14s
b) Install the applets on your hard drive
  Create a folder for the contents of the zip file. (i.e. physics_simulations)
  Extractz the contents of the zip file into that folder
  Go to that folder and verify that the following folders have been extracted
ph14e (or ph14s)
e) Run the JAVA applet
  Go to the ph14e(or s) folder
  View the file timedilation.htm using your WEB browserb
  Run the simulation using speed of .5C
  Change the parameters and re-run using .8C .9C and .99C
f) Print out the page or do a screen capturesc of your simulation
g) Try out one or more of the following applets (find one that works) and save a screen capturesc  of it
h) Post a response to the simulations forum on the newsgroup
  Go to the newsgroup and post a reply to time dilation posting
  open the Simulations forum
  post a reply under the simulations forum to the Time Dilation JAVA applet  message, include the time differentials for each speed run
i) Print out copies of your screen capturessc  to turn-in in class
Try to find some other simulations on your own. Use Twin Paradox or Time Dilation in your search. Refine your search with Applet  or JAVA  or
b Open file using your WEB browser, Internet Explore 6 is best but IE5 will work, some simulations will work on Netscape or FireFox but are inconsistent and may lock up computer
sc Screen Captures are best done  with a program like Screen Print and Capture 32 , Snag-it (Windows) or Snapz-Pro (Mac)
   Go to SOFTWARE page for more information and links to free downloads.




What happens when you move very very fast? Einstein's Relativity: The house.

Special Relativity Index & Animations

Einstein's Relativity: The Special and General Theory

C-ship: Relativistic Ray Traced Images

fourmilab C-Ship- http://www.fourmilab.ch/cship/
The Doppler Effect: Why, Hear it. Sometimes we don't hear what we're supposed to.

Relativity - Study Materials

Chris Hillman's Relativity on the World Wide Web.

John Walker's C-Ship

UCLA supercomputer group's LA flyover

View of Stonehenge has clear physical descriptions and simple pictures

relativistic ray-tracing site

Steve Van Devender's relativistic starflight .

Antony Searle's BackLight movies

Mercator MPEG

Daniel Richard G.'s Light Speed! Requires Windows and OpenGL.

Adam Auton's Warp is an interactive simulator. Requires Windows and OpenGL.


GO TO THIS SITE FIRST AND LOOK  CHECK OUT SOME OF THE LINKS. This is Hewitt's site for his physics book. CpSurf- Hewitt's Companion Web Page for this chapter

GO TO HYPERPHYSICS WHEN YOU WANT TO GET TO THE POINT QUICKLY Hyperphysics - Launch and Trajectory Calculators


HERE'S JUST A FEW CALCULATORS- go to my CALCULATORS page if you want a lot more (over 18,000 different ones)

Check your answers with this Escape Velocity Calculator

The Earth's curvature results in a vertical distance of 4.9m for every 8,000m tangent to the surface

Try these numbers out in the 'Drop of a Bullet' calculator on this page


EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SATELLITES The Satellite Site (and more!) Run the 'build your own satellite simulation...

Projectile Orbit
Alter the tangential velocity and watch what kind of orbit results


Earth, Moon and Sun
 http://observe.arc.nasa.gov/nasa/education/reference/orbits/orbit1.html Try out this simulation from NASA of a satellite in an elliptical orbit, change the eccentricity of the orbit and see the results. Watch out or you might crash the satellite into the Earth!


R. Marcus, H.J. Melosh, & G. Collins, Department of Planetary Sciences Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, College of Science, College of Science, University of Arizona, Tucson VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. "...will estimate the seismic, blast wave, and thermal effects of an impact as well as the size of the crater produced by the impact..." For more information see H. Jay Melosh's Home Page or the Department of Planetary Sciences

Satellite simulation
Satellite motion interactive simulation from University of Oregon Vary the mass and/or the orbital radius of the Hubble, Luna, or Geosynch satellites and see how their orbit is altered!


Gravity Orbital Simulator - http://burtleburtle.net/bob/scifi/itzuorb.html

One of several related pages, very informative with excellent simulations http://burtleburtle.net/bob/java/orbit/

http://burtleburtle.net/bob/physics/orbit101.html - Earth to Moon Experiment

Really good SIM with earth and orbiting moon. Click for initial position and drag and release for velocity and direction and see if you can put a satellite into earth orbit, or even better yet, in moon orbit http://timeline.aps.org/multimedia/satellites.html

Earth Map http://www.opensourcephysics.org/applets/gr/earth_map.html

Filling Space with Non-Colliding Objects http://burtleburtle.net/bob/physics/orbit101.html Really Good!!! -

Earth Sun And Moon Orbit
projectile satellite
Center of Mass -  SeeSaw

For more go here...



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