·        You will each be given paper to write your journal entry on.

·        You will put your name, date, and class period in the upper right corner of the page and then you can write as much as you want on either side of the page.

·        If you have nothing to write you must turn in your page with your name on it anyway.

·        When the teacher tells you to ‘STOP WRITING’, you will:

 1. put your pens/pencils down immediately

2. pass your paper to the front of your row putting your paper on top of the ones from behind you

3. the first person in each row will hold on to their row’s papers until instructed to pass them to the front of the class by the teacher

4. you will put your rows papers on top of the row behind you and then pass them to the first person in the next row until they reach the front of the class.

5. you will all stay in your seats until the teacher has all of the papers from all of the rows and tells you that class is dismissed.

NOTE: Failure to turn in a journal entry may result in your being marked absent or tardy for that day!


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