1998(?) -September 2004


1991 - Proud hunter, caught a mouse on the fly just a couple of feet from here!

I found him wandering around in front of a store on Harbor Blvd in Costa Mesa in the late 1980's.

He was looking lost and several times nearly walked out in front of on-rushing traffic.

He looked like he had already had a rough life. His lower jaw look like it had been broken resulting in a twisted underbite which resulted in his perpetual toothy grin. His overcoat had the texture of steel wool but he had a heart of gold.

One family came in response to the newspaper add thinking it was their lost dog. The little girl saw him and screamed "eewwwwe, grossss!  That's not my dog." and ran away. No-one else even called.

He made himself right at home with Pilgrim and Blanca. He was one of the gang and later welcomed Stoli, Pepper, and then Icy into the fold. For years I'm sure he believed he was a pretty white dog too.

His last 5 years were spent in a dog's heaven on earth at mom's and dad's in Corona. He found out he was a terrier. He loved his walks, always taking the point in a proud trot.

Mush, we all miss you dearly.



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