Thinking,  knowing, SYNTHESIS



blooms taxonomy

level of understanding keywords examples


collect,describ, identify, list, show, tell, tabulate, define, examine, label, name, retell, state, quote, enumerate, match, read, record, reproduce, copy, select

dates, events, places, vocabulary, key ideas, parts of diagram, 5Ws


associate, compare, distinguish, extend, interpret, predict, differentiate,  contrast, describe, discuss, estimate, group, summarize, order, cite, convert, explain, paraphrase, restate, trace

find meaning, transfer, interpret facts, infer cause & consequence,


apply, classify, change, illustrate, solve, demonstrate, calculate, complete, solve, modify, show, experiment, relate, discover, act, administer, articulate, chart, collect, compute, construct, determine, develop, establish, prepare, produce, report, teach, transform, use

use information in new situations, solve problems


analyze, arrange, connect, divide, infer, separate, classify, compare, contrast, explain, select, order, breakdown, correlate, diagram,  discriminate, focus, illustrate, infer, outline, prioritize, subdivide, points out, prioritize

recognize and explain patterns and meaning, see parts and wholes


combine, compose, generalize, modify, invent, plan, substitute, create, formulate, integrate, rearrange, design, speculate, rewrite, adapt, anticipate, collaborate,

discuss "what if" situations, create new ideas, predict and draw conclusions


assess, compare, decide, discriminate, measure, rank, test, convince, conclude, explain, grade, judge, summarize, support, appraise, criticize, defend, persuade, justify, reframe

make recommendations, assess value and make choices, critique ideas


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