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Stu Egli  is a provider of engineering and software consulting services specializing. His specialty is the application of CAE/CAD/CAM in the design and production of INJECTION MOLDS and INJECTION MOLDED PLASTIC PRODUCTS.

Along with that specialty he has a wide array of skills and experience in applying automation technologies to applications in virtually every industrial sector.

He combines personal drive, creativity, and engineering knowledge with unique industry experience to rapidly provide ideas and solutions for design and fabrication challenges that make him a valued partner to dozens of companies from virtually every industry segment.

That unique experience includes

  • 25 years in engineering

  • involvement in injection molding related industries since 1973

  • 14 years as an applications specialist with major CAE/CAD/CAM suppliers

  • membership in AutoDesk's 3rd party software developer network beginning in 1988

  • ground floor experience in the fledgling Rapid Prototyping industry (produced the first STL I/F for AutoCad)

  • extensive knowledge of rapid tooling technologies for molding and casting

  • Over 10 years as an independent provider of engineering services to injection molding industry








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