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Capturing data from a Newsgroup (SED 646 Assignment 2) (PDF)

AutoCad 2000 Tutorials

Blocks/Attributes (PDF)

Solids 1(PDF)

Solids 2(PDF)

Solids 3(PDF)

Layouts 1(PDF)

Layouts 2(PDF)

Layouts 4(PDF)

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MS PowerPoint 2002

POWERGOGY - ELECTRONIC WHITEBOARD for PC - Skeleton PowerPoint presentation that automates copying the current screen to another application, batch insert pictures into a slideshow, pick a marker from the screen border to annotate, and other VBA modules for assorted applications.

PC Hardware Overview - Introduction to PC Hardware components, historical background, futures

Science Analogies Template - Template for Presenting Science Concept using Familiar Analogy

SoundBoard - PowerPoint Page with assorted sounds, quotes, songs, and Themes assigned to Push Buttons



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