Welcome to phyzx.net

This site was initially created for several purposes. Over the course of this past semester however it served as a repository for my own research and a place where I can put content I generate as well as content that I find elsewhere so that it is accessible by students in my class.
The site contains
The following image shows the general structure of my pages.

On the left side is a global navigation frame with links to important pages both internal and external.

The top frame has a bar with global pages on the site and a Google Calculator that uses their site specific search to search only for physics related concepts. Obviously it can also be used as a calculator.

When appropriate individual pages have a dynamic navigation bars on the side and the top border of the page. The side navbar area with child pages, current hot links, and up/down nav tool. The colors show children on a light green back ground, pages on the same level on light blue, and core curricular links on light yellow. Global and top level pages are on a dark purple background. Most of the logos are links back to the home page.



I have planned to make a  complete navigation scheme based on concept maps and dynamic pages but time constraints have limited me to just the beginnings of that.

My feeling that site navigation is crucial to students succesfully using anything on the web were proven out by during labs I conducted during the past two months. It is ironic that this web is currently such a mess from that standpoint as I have been more focused on generating content than making it accessible.

Currently there are over 600 pages with a variety of information on them. You will find several ways to navigate through this menagerie. First you should know what's here.

My focus has been on the CORE content areas and to evaluattr